The Post Election Blahs

Two weeks after the big day, which was just a week after my Phils won a World Series, and I am struggling to find things to write about. I could blame work or home, but I’ve found reasons to write before. It hasn’t been for lack of subjects; one of my favorite subjects is customer service, and I have good and bad saved up to write about. You’d think that with my guests blogging for me over the past couple of months, that I would be rearing to go.

Quite the opposite. Everything seems to pale in comparison. Everything seems to be less important. I only half joke about 2012 – but I can wait.

One thing I haven’t done is formally thank all the guest bloggers for participating. I truly believe it helped. It was our own little piece. I am happy we had a chance to make A Rubber Door more of a community; less me talking at everyone, and more talking with people.

I’ve thought about changing this blog to and making it a group blog, but I realize how much of a  commitment  that would be, and at least with my blog if it’s silent I have no one to blame but myself. That said, I will make it a normal practice to invite others to write here. And maybe some will decide to slum it here.

Thanks to (in order of appearance):

Their posts can be found forever at the Not Spencer Archives.

4 thoughts on “The Post Election Blahs

  1. You’ve been managing A Rubber Door terrifically these past few weeks (you always do). I understand about group blogs taking an extra special commitment, believe me I do. But still, I’ve enjoyed what you and your community have been doing.


  2. Hey man, I predicted that many would have post election blues as it relates to Tweets, blogs, articles, SNL skits and so on. I mean really, there was so much to talk about, so much to poke fun at and everyone had an opinion.

    Since you’ve revealed that customer service is one of your favorites, hop on over to They are the people powered customer service gurus. There’s more customer service realated issues than you can shake a stick at. I’m sure that a trip over there will throw some fuel on the fire for subject matter.


  3. Well, there is still a fair amount of intrigue in D.C.

    Lieberman and Palin are still there to kick around.
    Will Hillary or won’t Hillary?

    There is still a lot of “meat on this bone”.

    Loved reading all the different perspectives from the other writers. You have a great core of people here who would contribute to “A Rubber Door” should you decide to go down that road.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions and the compliments. I honestly want to write about non-election related stuff. I felt this way after the primary and made a concerted effort to avoid election articles. Not that I won’t write about policy, but it’s tiring (not to mention boring) to write about it all the time.

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