A transformational weekend

This past weekend we volunteered for Philadelphia Cares, an event that brings people together to clean up city schools and parks. We were sent to the Mastery Charter School in West Philadelphia. This school was so well run, so clean, we really weren’t needed. It gave me faith in public schools again. As we went through the school, I was in an English classroom where I saw a sign that read the following:

I Love Islam

I wondered how this sign would play in South Carolina. Of course I wondered why would this sign be any different than seeing a cross in a public school. The difference is because we’ve defined Islam as being bad or evil. Think about how an Islamic American child must feel being in this country, and hated. Then I saw Colin Powell endorse Barack Obama this weekend.

Powell put to words things that were in my mind. When that awful woman said to John McCain that Barack Obama was Ay-rab the thing that struck me wasn’t what she said, but John McCain’s response to it. Obama wasn’t an “Ay-rab”, he was a decent family man – implying that a Muslim person couldn’t possibly be a decent family man. I picked up on this. Colin Powell picked up on it too and responded very eloquently. He also commented on the Palin nomination and the overall tone of the campaign. Only two more weeks to go and it seems like the world is waking up.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s continuation of the Not Spencer series with Jack on Wednesday and the 49 Percenter on Thursday.

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