McCain crowds in Johnstown, PA

Last week I saw Obama in Philly. We waited in line for over 2 hours to watch him speak for 25 minutes.   There wasn’t a word of hate that day.

Contrast my experiences last Saturday to the following video.

You know how they say “lay down with dogs, get up with fleas?” That’s what voting for McCain does; you’re getting up with fleas.

6 thoughts on “McCain crowds in Johnstown, PA

  1. God, what a sea of pathetic ignorance. I wish someone would show this on a program where John McCain is a guest and ask him to explain the “wonderful, wonderful” people that show up at his ticket’s rallies. This is not the face of my America. Of course, I’m sure Sarah Palin would say that I don’t live in a “Pro-America part of the country”…

    Is it just me, or do you think “probable pedophile” everytime you see that demented Bunsen Honeydew lookalike carting around the stupid, racist Curious George totem?

  2. Okay, well, the Bunsen Honeydew comment made me laugh, when not exactly in a laughing mood after watching that.

    As we’ve discussed here a lot recently, it’s this kind of thinking that most convinces me that major change is needed in this country, and reinforces that McCain/Palin and their supporters are certainly not going to bring any of it, even if, at heart, McCain personally might actually be a decent guy, who I hope wouldn’t want any of this stuff said.

    Wow. Especially interesting in that just yesterday — as a “perk” of my job I’m forced to listen to a lot of radio I would not otherwise choose to — I heard Rush Limbaugh ramble on about how none of those “kill him”, etc. type of comments were actually happening at McCain/Palin rallies, and that liberal reporters were making them up. Wow.

  3. @radiocynic – as far as Rush Limbaugh’s conspiracy theories go, he’ll call people crazy for thinking there were any improprieties favoring Republicans in the past few elections, yet he’ll hatch an idea like this? I wish I could be surprised by it.

    Of course, then there’s also his new clairvoyant routine where he knows Colin Powell’s motives for endorsing Obama.

  4. These people only wish Obama was a Socialist. They have no idea how much their miserable lives would be improved. They have no idea what they’re talking about at all.

  5. @grace – Funny that I was thinking the exact same thing. Yesterday when that woman kept calling Obama a socialist, I wish on of the pool reporters would have asked her to define it.

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