Open letter to John McCain supporters

After the past few weeks, of watching the debates, the politicization of the bailout by John McCain, and the renewed attacks from the McCain mob having to do with Bill Ayers, I wonder how McCain supporters can not be disappointed in their candidate. To be more blunt, John McCain is as slimy a character as you will run across in politics right now.   I know that if he was the presumptive leader of my party, I would be beyond disappointed all the way to disgusted.   The lack of character shown by McCain, Palin and his gang of Rove wannabes, is mind-numbing. Repeated lies, race baiting, it’s all just distasteful.

He wants to call himself a maverick – Palin mentioned that word at least a dozen times in her debate with Joe Biden last week;   you’d think a maverick would be talking about the economy these days, but not today – today we heard “who is the real Obama” – if I were considering McCain I would want to know – your real plan to rescue the economy;   your real plan to save my home from foreclosure; your real plan to rebuild health care; your real plan to make college more affordable.   Some of the comments heard at is rallies would be more appropriate for a KKK gathering, not that of a political candidate in the year 2008.

Instead we hear more of the same politics from the Republicans, and all I have to ask is this: how can any self-respecting, intelligent person even consider voting for John McCain once you compare them on the issues and then have to take a look at his behavior the past month?

John McCain is just plain slimy.

11 thoughts on “Open letter to John McCain supporters

  1. John McCain is desperate and he’s implementing the tactics of a desperate campaign. A bad economy is a tough thing for a Republican candidate to overcome.

    I used to respect McCain even when I didn’t agree with him. It’s disheartening to see him resort to the same strategy that Rove and Bush used against him in 2000. Over the last month he’s contradicted everything that he’s allegedly ever stood for, from being a “maverick” to a “deregulator, to a “Reagan Republican”. I just hope the poll numbers are accurate.

  2. I think that all the campaigns have been ugly for sometime, its just as we get closer to the end here the bile rises in our throats a bit.

    Examples from the candidates themselves of what I mean below all pretty below the belt and/or pandering stuff:

    – Hillary ‘rediscovering her PA roots’ in the PA primary – with some upstate house her family owned and she may have stayed in for a few nights in her youth (pander much Hillary but it did work she took PA from Obama by double digits)

    – Biden mentioning he is from Scraton PA – Only during every media event since becoming VP candidate; This is like McCain saying he is from Hanoi, Vietnam people. Biden moved with his family to Delaware when he was nine. Hello pandering to the battleground state much Joe (just like Hillary BTW whom he supported for Pres once his party passed him over again for President)

    – Obama – Keating 5- thats going back pretty far… but its a really bad situation not exactly Jorge Cabrera bad (Google it if you do know now this one) but still not good. Its still a pretty low blow, but very very valid. McCain is on record saying this is the worst mistake of his life (and this is a guy who spent 4+ years in a prison camp…I would have said it was getting in that plane…just me thou)

    – McCain – Ayers connections to Obama- Ok its clear that Obama worked with known terrorist and radical Bill Ayers, its also clear that Obama grew up in politics in the very liberal Chicago political system…but that does not make Ayers and Obama friends or even ideologically in the same solar system. The reality is that Obama and Ayers spent a fair amount of time working together…I have worked with Spencer for years but we don’t have the same political beliefs. Also if Spencer was running for office I would have a fund raiser in my living room for him, if he would let me.

    Hillary/McCain/Palin – Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr the one time spiritual adviser to Sen. Barack Obama – Everyone has tried to get this one to stick, yet no one can…but man its not for a lack of trying. Obama and his family choose to join his church as adults and later while an elected official; Obama had the man on his African American Religious Leadership Committee during the primary’s; Obama sat in the church this man ran for more than 15 years yet never heard anything so vile that he left as a member of the church’; Wright has ties to Farrakhan; Wright says racist things at least a couple of times over the years…Obama kind of distances himself from Wright a little (but just a little) when it gets really ugly on YouTube…but clearly no one cares Obama won the primary after all when this thing was white hot. This one baffles me.

    In the non direct trash talking but with ties to the candidates themselves we have:

    Obama supporters create “TrooperGate” – OK if you want to say Palin’s extended family are a bunch of idiots (the trooper in question has been divorced at least three times before he had ties to the Palin clan) I got that…but this guy shoots his ten year old yr old stepson with his field taser…and he is only removed from the force…maybe Palin stepped in to move that along maybe not…whatever…I am just impressed the ‘First Dude’ did not drag the troopers ass behind his snowmobile during his last marathon rally race.

    – Hillary supporters pushing Obama is a Muslim stories – yet he has been a known member of a Christian church in Chicago for nearly 20 years but now he is a Muslim; Ok sure he is…and if he is (which he is not) who cares…Muslim does not equal terrorist, geez are we this dumb.

    – Obama supporters saying that Palin’s last child was really her daughters and she faked her own pregnancy – We know the real story now. To his extreme credit once the real story broke Obama has not gone after her family (which is in very good taste)…however the funny blogs about her daughter and her now ‘betrothed’ are in poor taste

    – McCain supporters say Obama supports infanticide – A nurse and late term abortion survivor say how Obama supports/supported legislation that means that viable babies are left to die if thats the mom’s wish…on on TV…Ok at the most Obama made a single bad vote cause he thought a Federal law offered some other protection or thought this bill somehow hurt RvW. His voting track record shows how he votes the rest of the time. Give it up.

    Obama supporters – Palin was a member of a political party that wants Alaskan secession from the US…no she was not but maybe those radical people like her

    McCain supporters- Obama enjoys support from the new black panther party…no he does not but maybe they just like him (and he had a link to their group on his website for like five minutes)

    The truth is politics are ugly on the big stage…everyone is dirty (at least a little) and until we see a viable third party that is able to take a reliable 10-12% of the popular vote in a general presidential election and destroy the electoral college (which we will need to do first if we want a third party) we all better get used to this. Only a third leg on the stool of politics in this country will help make it less of a slimefest.

  3. @Jack – All great points – but I’m not talking about speaking points here Jack. All I know is that yesterday at the Obama rally, I didn’t hear veiled racist comments; I didn’t hear anyone say “kill him” or “off with his head”; there were no threats of white people in the crowd. As a matter of fact, the crowd was as diverse as I had hoped.

    Also – you need to be very careful how you state things – some of the points you stated above, didn’t come from the individual campaigns – the Clinton campaign didn’t spread rumors of Obama as a Muslim. The Obama campaign didn’t say anything about Palin’s children. The McCain campaign never said Obama supports infanticide. You should know the difference.

    The McCain campaign did say that Obama “palled around with terrorists”; that “he doesn’t see America the way we see it”. What am I, as a black American supposed to think about that? Seriously.

    No matter what you want to believe – the worse thing that the McCain campaign has done is create an atmosphere that I would feel unsafe being in. That is what I’m talking about.

    Most of what you’re talking about is par for the course in politics today – and I accept almost all of it. But at the point in time I start to see campaign rallies that look like KKK rallies – then that has crossed the line.

  4. Overall, the language being used by McCain’s campaign (including him and his VP) is very directly playing on the fear he knows his white demography harbors about minorities. Listen to what they say in public; it’s a lot of “who is Obama?” and “can we ever really know Obama?”, not to mention tying him to “terrorists.” Racism is just fear, so if he and Palin subtly pluck those strings they know they can rally action from a certain group.

    And about that Palin Troopergate thing–I read that the case was brought forward by the Republican legislators in Alaska, and that they have an easy majority and could’ve voted down the special investigation but didn’t. I don’t think it’s possible to blame that on Democrats.

  5. I forgot to say two things… it’s early in the morning.

    First, is that I believe the secret code language being used by McCain is despicable because it’s so cowardly. If accused of being racist, they can easily throw up their hands and claim ignorance.

    Second, the positive tone at the Obama rally in Philly on Saturday was overwhelming. In fact, when Obama addressed the fact that McCain is a war hero and deserves respect, and that McCain has toned down his negativity in recent speeches, everyone around me was verbally agreeing and cheered, saying “McCain is a hero and a respectable man.” I think that’s a big difference from “kill him,” “terrorist” and the boos being screamed at McCain rallies.

  6. The later part of my post was meant to show that people with ties to those candidates or simply their supporters have done some rather non savory campaigning (in addition to the candidates themselves)… sometimes people back the candidates we like yet do not behave in a manner we would hope an intelligent human being would behave in this day and age. I did not meant to imply that the candidates themselves were doing things on the back half of the post (just the front half). While I have not been to a lot of big political events; I have been to one REP event and seen most of a DEM event (BTW both VP events)…I have not seen/heard/witnessed anything racist. That said I am not black, and I am an N of 1 person. I am not so ill informed to not know some people are going to pull race and gender into this campaign; however I do not think either campaign itself (directly anyway) is being either sexist or racist. I think we live in tough times; and for some people tough times brings out the worst in some people not the best as we would hope.

    Spencer I don’t think the “he does not see America the way we see it” is a statement of racial bias…I think of it as a statement of beliefs and direction. Obama is the most liberal democratic candidate we have seen since Carter. Again believe that McCain/Palin are out of touch and will not serve the best interest of many/some/all Americans but I do not see the GOP soliciting or supporting racist groups or leaders.

    @ Grace
    Just to be clear are you saying that McCain questioning the character of Obama (or the language in which he does this) is cloaked racism? I am not questioning (necessarily) your view I just want to make sure I understand it. Also yea some in the REP party are not huge fans of Palin in Alaska; she ran against a rather corrupt REP Murkowski and bent some noses while doing it to get elected. Not playing well within your political party is rare at the state level for both parties. That said the current chairman of the committee looking into this ‘Troopergate’ is a rather liberal leaning democrat (for Alaska) whom was appointed by a Democratic Senator; that’s not exactly bipartisan leadership in my book. At least Bill Clinton had Kenn Starr leading the investigation for Whitewater and Monica; even if the rest if that bunch for that impeachment BS was all REP.

    @ Spencer
    While I never said it was Hillary directly (again back half of the post). It was widely reported that supporters of the Clintons called on several NJ and NYC papers talking about how he was raised a Muslim. Point of fact Maggie Williams (Hillary’s campaign manager and a longtime adviser) never directly responded to the central question of whether actual Clinton staffers circulated the photo of Obama wearing foreign muslim’ish looking garb earlier this year. Drudge claimed that the photo did come from campaign staffers; and he was the first to release it on the net. Now I am not going to go so far as to say that SHE willingly smeared Obama but some of her supporters sure as heck did. This is all as distasteful as the infanticide BS against Obama today; which is backed by a 527 group of radical right wing republicans.

  7. I don’t know, Jack. I can’t find anything that supports Troopergate being a partisan “witch hunt.” It looks like the panel that ran the investigation was 8-4 Republicans, even if the committee chair was a Dem. If they wanted to make it go away, they could have.

    But, I have no doubt the whole deal was politics. When was the last time legislators put effort (or our money) into anything else?

    Here’s what I think about McCain questioning the character of Obama, if you can call it that: I don’t know if McCain is a racist. I tend to think No. But I do think he is ambitious, down in the polls and taking advice from even more ambitious, Rovian-style advisers. It would be naive to think tactics like that are below McCain’s staff. I think it was in that movie, Bush’s Brain, where they detailed some of Bush’s campaign tactics when he ran for governor of Texas, such as papering car windshields with fliers about how his opponent was for gay rights, a flier which featured two half nude men making out. And they did this in church parking lots on Sunday mornings while the cars’ owners were in the church.

    Not to mention that just last week someone walked through black Philadelphia neighborhoods and posted a flier explaining that anyone with an outstanding warrant or even a parking ticket will get arrested on election day if they show up to vote. (Not true.)

    So–yes, I believe the language being used by the McCain campaign at rallies and in ads is code meant to trigger fear, whether it’s fear of black people or Arabs or who knows… I can’t think of one other reason or purpose.

  8. I guess I like to think that I am blind to race . Maybe this means I do not see racism or fear spreading when it happens. I hope not. At the end of the day only McCain and Obama know what they individually stand for and how they will lead. It is left for them to communicate efficiently and effectively who they are and what they want to do. In some ways they are similar, in some ways very different. But they are both hungry for the job.

    On the practical side I have trouble believing that McCain folks were spreading the you will get arrested if you vote cause you have a parking ticket bit in Philly; McCain will loose Metro Philly by 35% minimum. Now if you want to talk about local politics or a state level race interfering I will buy that. McCain just has nothing to gain in Philly which is why he sends Palin to woo Chester Country and Lancaster Country residents to gain votes where he can. Philly will reject McCain wholesale; and he will not be able to take the state thanks in no small part to the Electoral College and that fact that Pittsburgh will also fully embrace Obama.

    I had a lot of hope for a different kind of election season; and have had those hopes dashed pretty equally from both sides. I think McCain is trying to run as a populist which is not really who he is and this language confuses people and leaves things open to wrong conclusions. I think Obama is trying to show how he is mainstream and moderate. I will point to their VP choices to prove this last points.

    I hope that McCain’s people are not spreading fear, I hope that the incidents of voter fraud in PA is no more than previous years (thats pointed at both parties BTW), and I hope that more people become more involved in participating and paying attention to the election and campaigns of our elected officials.

  9. Wow – don’t you people sleep?

    Here’s my bottom line – I draw a huge distinction between traditional dirty tricks and language designed to instill fear and play on racism. I just think that the language that McCain and Palin are using is carefully crafted to instill fear of Obama, without overtly saying you should be afraid.

    The McCain campaign knows that those fears may be key to victory. This is where I point out something you obviously didn’t know Jack – McCain is still fighting here in Philly – he and Palin have visits planned, and they’re mostly planned for Northeast Philly – where the population is mostly white. The belief is that they need to keep the Philly numbers to less than a blowout. McCain is making sure that they talk to white folks, because they know black people won’t vote for him, and you as a marketer know – you craft your message to the fit the target.

    When I see McCain and Palin out in the middle of the country, talking to nothing but white faces, saying that the black candidate “doesn’t see things the way we do”, I have a hard time not reading into it. Maybe I’m over reaching, but it just tastes bad. And hearing what I’ve heard from some of these crowds, I’m all but certain that people within those crowds took it the way I did.

  10. Sleep is for the weak.

    Ok…Philly hates the GOP and McCain/Palin. Its going to be a blowout no matter what they do. They might show their faces in the city limits but its only cause its on the way to the NE or the West. Its been sometime since I went to a Flyers game; but the last time I went it was a lot less ethnically diverse than the GOP VP event I saw in Lancaster Country; and Philly boo’d Sarah ‘Hockey Mom’ Palin who showed up with her kids to drop a puck at a hockey game. These people do not stand a chance in the city of brotherly love. If she can’t get respect among mostly white hockey lovers; I can’t imagine her playing well in University City let alone West Philly. Their activity is more fund raising from my view. Get money in PA spend in Ohio. Money is pretty tight for them after all.

    I am not saying your wrong. However I personally do not think he is going for fear of race; fear yes (I am not deaf/blind); fear of race no…but maybe I am biased. To be clear selling hope is a lot more desirable than selling fear for me.

    Again I have been getting angrier every month the middle of the primaries.

    Yet I still try and see the positives in both candidates.

    As I have said before I feel neither campaigns are sexist or racists. But maybe I am just color blind.

    We need to vote for the candidates we like; not vote against the other guys or the other guy/gal.

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