Not Spencer: In Utero (political cartoon)

Today’s guest is Grace – not a blogger by trade, but frequent commenter on A Rubber Door. For anyone who’s easily offended, you’re really reading the wrong blog.

The “Not Spencer” series will continue next week Tuesday with a post from Radiocynic.

  • darryl


  • Scarlet

    My internet sucks! This is taking forever to load…I’ll be back.

  • Howard

    So wrong. So inappropriate. So funny.

  • Cyn

    I’m with the fetus on this one.

    Awesome job Grace!

  • Spencer

    I’m pushing Grace for a part 2 in this series.

  • radiocynic

    Oh hell yeah. Seriously could be an extensive series. Brilliant (and quite appropriately inappropriate) stuff, Grace!

  • grace

    Thanks, guys. I’m no R. Crumb, but I I have fun anyway.

    After I lose my job, my house, and probably my hair 6 months from now, I’ll be selling cartoons for a nickel down on Broad St. Come check me out.

  • Spencer

    When Grace said she would do a cartoon, I was thinking a one panel type thing like you see in the Times or Post – she really outdid herself. I would push for a volume 3, post-election cartoon, but then she might start her own website and I couldn’t take credit.

    On a related note – I showed this to my boss, and she sent it to her husband who promptly wrote back “Spencer wrote this? Why is he still working at [my unnamed company?”. I wish I had the talent to take credit – although I wouldn’t anyway.

  • Merujo

    I *heart* Grace! Seriously, this should be on – a new career for a talented woman outside Philly!

  • Marc

    Grace, you rock! Well done.