R.I.P.: My Thirties

Yesterday was my 40th birthday and unlike a lot of people, it doesn’t bother.   It does however present an opportunity to look back on the last ten years.

  • Met the girl of my dreams and got married
  • Visited Ireland, leaving North America for the first time (once more than Sarah Palin)
  • Visited 20 states
  • Concerts of note: Radiohead in NYC one month before 9/11, U2 in NYC one month after 9/11, the Pixies reunion tour, Throwing Muses in San Francisco, Prince 9 rows from the stage, Elvis Costello the night I proposed
  • Never more disappointed in our government than in the days after Katrina
  • Never sadder than in the days after 9/11
  • Had a niece and a nephew born
  • Saw the first viable minority Presidential candidates
  • Had dinner with Michael Penn
  • Met Aimee Mann a couple times – the second time, she approached me and said “Hey, I know you”
  • Favorite album: Elliot Smith’s Figure 8
  • Favorite movie: Ocean’s 11
  • Favorite TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Saw no championships from my favorite teams
  • Favorite drink at 30: Canadian Club and ginger ale with lime
  • Favorite drink at 40: Gin (Tangaray 10) and tonic
  • Went from Friendster, to Myspace, to Facebook.   What’s next?
  • Went on my first real one week vacation
  • Lived in two apartments
  • Bought my first home
  • Favorite moment: on the park bench after our wedding ceromony
  • Lived in Conshohocken, PA for all 10 years
  • Opened the summer in Outer Banks for 5 years
  • Saw my nephew graduate college
  • Saw my friends have 13 children
  • Spent 10 years doing the same job for 4 different companies – the longest tenure was 3 years and 9 months
  • Didn’t vote for a winning President (so I was right)
  • Had my optimism in government restored by Barack Obama
  • Owned or leased 4 cars
  • Started 2 blogs
  • Had my heart broken for the first and second (and last) times
  • Count ’em: 4 iPods and 4 Macs
  • My debt went up, then down, back up again, now back down
  • My weight did the exact opposite
  • Adopted two cats

Seems like a pretty eventful, life changing decade of my life – and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years.

7 thoughts on “R.I.P.: My Thirties

  1. I hope you had the happiest of birthdays, Spencer! And what a neat snapshot of the last decade. May this next decade bring even more wonderful memories and adventures!

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