Sarah Palin: Shrill, Shriller, and Shrillest

I couldn’t bear to watch Sarah Palin last night. I got through maybe 5 minutes, and decided that I’d watch television from people paid to write fiction as opposed to fiction from people who spout it as truth.

And what do I think of Palin? She spent the entire speech attacking Obama, but didn’t talk policy at all. Surprise, surprise – the Republicans don’t talk the issues. Here’s a woman that we’ve never heard anything about – who has no experience and they don’t go over her past, her experience, her story. No introduction to the people. Just shrill, shriller, and shrillest. Why – because she had nothing to say of value about herself or policy. Palin is worthless as a candidate because she is worthless as a President if that happens. If you listened to the Democrats last week, the attacks were all about his policy deficiencies – his support of George Bush; his lack of a plan for the economy; his temperament; this is what Democrats discussed. The Republicans? “Obama is all words”. “Obama is flashy”. Shrill and nasty attacks. Low and despicable. When you’re behind, misdirection is a good way to go. Make sure people don’t look at your failings by lying and creating false issues. They spent significant time attacking the media. Last I checked, CNN wasn’t running as a 3rd party candidate.

We knew this wasn’t going to be about issues when McCain hired a neophyte to be his running mate. Instead of getting a highly experienced running mate, he hired a better looking (not hard) Ann Coulter.

I don’t know if I’ll watch tonight. Conventions are for party members and the press, otherwise they’re useless.

This next 60 days can’t end fast enough for me.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Shrill, Shriller, and Shrillest

  1. I couldn’t quite stick it out til the bitter end, but I caught up with the transcript this morning. It confirmed one thing for me: she’s as bright on policy as that pit bull she compared herself to.

  2. I have a new scale for judging the quality of candidates, based upon this bizarre Republican choice. I shall call it – wait for it, wait for it, say it out loud: Palin Comparison.

    Nothing like a really lame pun to try to take my mind off of “god wants us to have a pipeline” politics…

  3. I was sick to my stomach listening to her vitriol. The personal attacks against a man who came out and said her family was off limits took the cake – very Christian that. The arrogance; the trailer park pronounciation of EYE-RACK – what a speech of lies and fluff and trivial anger!

    I don’t know who these commentators are that they watched that and thought it was a great speech. The delivery wasn’t excellent. She sounded like a merchant of hate from the land of Fargo. A mean-spirited, dimwitted a-hole with a squeaky voice and that “I’m smelling something bad and smiling at the same time” permanent bitchface. No issues whatsoever, which is safe because she hasn’t done anything more than ban library books, take away money from social programs and flip-flopped on the Bridge to Nowhere. She has no business running our country.

    Her hate and misinformation was the same crap being slung by Guiliani and the rest. What a giant step “forward” for women. :-(

  4. I didn’t get to see McCains speech last night because I was working around the house and fell asleep after the football game so I watched it this morning.

    As of right now I have no idea who I’m voting for. Obama is great at these pre written speeches, and he tells you everything that you want to hear. But I have a hard time believing he can do everything he says he can. It sounds too good to be true. I dont think it works that way. I hope he can.

    McCain, meh, I liked him better as a senator and I think he’s a smart guy but nothing about him blows me away. I like the Palin choice as running mate. It’s much better than chosing another rich, old, millionaire. And I think experience is overrated. Just like in sports the most experienced person doens’t always win, it comes down to talent and preperation. It’s probably no different in politics.

    I’m interested to see what comes of the debates. The pre written “rah rah” speeches bore me.

  5. Palin is way too hard to take in a dose like that. I knew when they selected her that she was going to be the party “bulldog”. What an ugly role to assume.

    Sadly, I feel like the GOP and their supporters are all drinking the Kool Aid. This race is closer than it should be.

    In a related story, Heart has ordered the GOP to stop using “Barracuda” as Palin’s theme song.

  6. I think my reaction to hearing (a portion of) her speech was my usual “This is all such total bullshit.” Then I put in ear plugs, pulled the comforter over my head and tried to go to sleep.

    Okay, the conventions are all really just rah-rah rallying kind of events anyway…but the hypocrisy of the Republican spin as far as Palin’s shortcomings is completely ridiculous.

    It does make for some very funny stuff on Jon Stewart’s show — but do we end up laughing when we should be crying?

    My favorite part of last night’s coverage was when my husband (in describing a musical interlude that I missed) said, “There is really nothing more embarrassing in the entire United States than seeing Republicans dance.”

  7. Cyn – It was amazing to hear McCain talk about bi-partisanship, when his henchmen methodically attacked Obama, not on the issues, but on his personality all week. This is also a candidate that screams bi-partisanship, but chooses for his running mate, a pro-life, intelligent design, jesus freak. That’s as partisan as it gets.

    It’s also tough to hear him talk about community service when they’ve ridiculed Obama’s job as community organizer all week. Isn’t what Obama did giving back to the community? How much money could a Harvard Law grad make (without being a member of the “lucky sperm” club like McCain and his wife are?

  8. Tony – I agree that the experience thing is overrated. In the “Fog of War” Robert McNamera states that when he was asked to be Secretary of Defense, he declined saying he didn’t have any experience to which JFK replied that he didn’t have any experience being President and look at him.

    The issue is what Palin is from a substantive level. She’s being portrayed a woman that the middle-class can find appealing, but if you look at the issues – she fails on every one. This is all about the issues.

    Issues, issues, issues. Democrats need to avoid falling for the “bright shiny object” trap.

  9. Just watched Sarah Palin on Oprah and her shrill voice is painfully annoying. I don't understand why Republicans think she has a political future.

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