R.I.P. My iMac

Just 4 years old and my poor mac is as dead as a doornail. Actually not fully dead, but $900 to fix. Ugh. Was planning to buy something but not now.

Apple has it in for me this week.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. My iMac

  1. I have just two words for you now – Second Life. (No more excuses, right? You’ll look good in a virtual ascot, don’t worry.)

    Our 18-month-old Dell laptop’s hard-drive self-destructed a couple weeks ago — the morning after we used it to order a new HP desktop (some sort of attempted suicide over the prospect of being replaced?) The laptop is functioning again with a new drive, but the desktop we ordered – all pretty and theoretically top o’ the line – worked for about 36 hours before blue-screening on us rather fatally.

  2. No promises on Second Life. I did want to keep my old iMac, and get a macbook pro – but I guess not.

    geeze – something else seems wrong.

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