Thank you Hill-Dog

The fight for the Democratic nomination was bloody and brutal.   This week’s Democratic National Convention goes a long way towards fixing the cracks that were developed.  It’s telling that those cracks are what Republicans were banking on.  Guess what: bank on something else.

Hillary Clinton, followed by husband Bill, and then Joe Biden have done a great job bringing the attention back to where it needs to be – the previous 8 years, and our collective futures.  

But that’s for another day and another post.  Trust me over, the next 67 days I will have plenty of time and anger to discuss the many reasons why you don’t vote for Bush/McCain and all the reasons you vote for Obama/Biden.  This week is all about revving up and preparing for another battle.

Thank you Hillary and Bill for putting the good of the country first and bringing the party back together.

Keep yourself healthy – we may need you to continue the work in 2016.

BTW – I’ve laid low on the politics this summer.  Labor day weekend fast approaches, and the summer is over.  We’ll be firing up the engines starting Monday.

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