John McCain collects homes

I found it amazing earlier this year when Hillary Clinton and John McCain double teamed Barack Obama because he was out of touch with the average person. I think it’s hilarious that yesterday McCain couldn’t answer the simple question how many houses do you own.

I know, it’s hard. Even I always forget our house in Montserrat, but hey. If you were to ask some women how many shoes they own – I understand it’s hard to answer. Ask me how many websites I have, I’d have to count. But most people don’t collect houses. By the way, the answer to how many houses does he own? Seven. Sorry, I mean at least seven. It’s at least because McCain couldn’t answer, and he directed the question to his staff, who said at least four, and it was left to a watch dog group to report that it was actually seven. 7! If you’re keeping score, that would be 2 more homes than the last four American Presidents combined.

In response to all of this the McCain camp is worried. They’re warning that the gloves could come off. We could hear about Obama’s affiliations (that’s double speak for Rev. Wright.) So because their candidate is senile, clueless, and out of touch, we’re going to hear about an unrelated subject to distract people of all of this. And the reason? Because people who will vote for McCain are simply looking for any reason not to vote for the better candidate. Because of this, the McCain strategy is one of misdirection; distraction.

“Hey, I don’t know how many homes I own, but I can run a $3 trillion budget. Vote for me!”


6 thoughts on “John McCain collects homes

  1. I believe I heard a quote near the end of that report from the McCain camp that said, “The gloves are now off.”

    If so, it begs the question, “When exactly was the last time the gloves were on?”

    God, these people are hypocrites.

  2. Scarlet – you think he might be able to answer.

    Anyway the point is that this is the man that aims to speak for all Americans. People who are struggling to pay for one home. Who are being foreclosed on. They’re being laid off. Working two, three jobs. And here’s a man that is so rich, that he can not remember how many homes he owns. I can’t tell you how many watches I own. So to John McCain, a home is equivalent to a cheap Timex watch. Or seven cheap Timex watches. And he aims to speak for all of us.

    THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD CARE. If you don’t care, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

  3. But I don’t see it like that. I see it as he is a successful man and now owns multiple homes. Why shouldn’t he makes investments and buy things? I don’t even own one home, but I do not resent him for owning several. Didn’t his wife inherit a ton of money anyway?

    And how likely is it for an “average American” to make it this far in a Presidential race anyway?

  4. It’s not that he owns a lot of houses. I’m sure if you asked Warren Buffet how many homes he owns, he’d struggle. The difference is that Buffet hasn’t portrayed himself as in touch with the common man. Remember he also stated that he thinks that it takes $5 million to be considered rich. His people think there’s no problem with the economy.

    Four months ago, when Obama talked about middle-class Americans being bitter, McCain called Obama an elitist who was out of touch with the common man. That’s what makes McCain’s comments so egregious.

    Nobody said he couldn’t own or buy things. Just don’t try and say you speak for the common man. I said this 4 months ago – none of these people are common. Don’t try and tell me you are.

  5. Funny thing about Warren Buffet? He still lives in the same Omaha house he bought for $31,500 back in 1958. I think he’s a lot more in tune with the common man than John McCain ever will be.

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