Conshohocken Burning

Yesterday there was a huge fire that displaced many people, destroyed personal belongings, and killed many pets. The fire at the Riverwalk at Millenium destroyed 375 apartments in 3 buildings, 400 displaced renters, and another 3 damaged buildings.   The Riverwalk has been a part of a renaissance here in Conshohocken.   The new restaurants, a diversifying of the people that live here, and a huge improvement to the reputation of this former blue collar town, this borough looked forward to what this development would bring to the area.

I rushed home when I heard embers were found up to 12 blocks away, and we live only 2 blocks as the crow (or ember) flies.   Our house and cats were a little smoky, but fine.

These luxury apartment allowed pets, so of course there were a lot of pets there.   It was 4:30 when the fire broke out, so not many people were home.

Eight alarms and almost 6 hours later before being declared under control.   Firemen were at the site well into today dousing hotspots, while construction equipment began the job of tearing down the remains of what was left.   People who lost everything cried, asked questions, and try to rebuild.   I can not even begin to imagine.

Currently it appears that the Red Cross has things under control, but with people needing so much help, financial donations are needed.   Please visit the Red Cross Pennsylvania site and make a donation.

2 thoughts on “Conshohocken Burning

  1. Tragic, just tragic.
    My heartaches for people displaced, and those that lost their pets :(

    Thanks for the reminder to ‘take action’. (Glad your belongings & place was spared!)

  2. I just read that it was likely the acetylene torches used by construction workers that started the blaze. That’s what happened when I worked at the embassy in Moscow – we had a devastating fire that ate through the heart of the building, started by welders working on a new elevator. I thank my lucky stars I was out of the office on an assignment that morning because my office was directly next door to the elevator, and it was the first place to be incinerated. Just like this fire, speed and intense heat made everything get out of control in under 2 or 3 minutes.

    I feel for the folks who are now homeless. What a nightmare. I hope they all had renters/homeowners insurance…

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