• Spencer

    I’ll start it off:

    What an ass. And she ain’t too bad either.

  • http://moodyboy.com Kenny

    “I lahk big butttts n’ ah kinnot lie. You uther bruthers cain’t deny . . . “

  • http://moodyboy.com Kenny

    Wait, I have another one –

    “Hayull, I’d git Dick to shoot somebody in the face for a permanent view like this.”

  • Ryan M.

    “Man would I like to invade that piece of ass.”

  • Tom G

    21st century Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

  • grace


  • david

    Now there’s a weapon of mass destruction!

  • Spencer

    Hey Dick, is this what the Pentagon refers to as a “High Value Target”?

  • http://www.svrspy.blogspot.com Scarlet

    I think it’s super cute he’s there. You can tell he really enjoys it. (And no, that’s not a caption, haha.)

  • Spencer

    Scarlet – For someone that didn’t intend the caption, that might be the best one.

  • Jack

    Geo is ready to let fly with his weapon of ass destruction!

  • hassan

    :( ohh my god :(