One reason why your husband isn’t well dressed

Earlier today I decided to run some errands at lunch in Radnor, PA.   While there I wanted to pick up something at the Gap as I walked down Lancaster Avenue I saw Gap Kids and Gap Women but no Gap Gap.   I asked the sales person in Gap Women “where’s the real Gap?”   She told me I had to go to a mall.   I asked her if there was any place in the area that sold men’s clothes and her response: “K-mart?”

I thought about titling this post “How women have ruined the selection of men’s clothes”.   Men buy, women shop – because of this there has to be 100 times the selection than a woman needs.   This is why every department store has a corner focused to men and three floors focused to women.

All I wanted was a pair of socks.   I guess that’s the problem – I would have walked out with nothing more than a pair of socks.

One thought on “One reason why your husband isn’t well dressed

  1. Hear, hear, Spencer! The thing that gets me is that the sales on men’s clothing are fewer and never equal the savings that women get on their clothing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women tell me about seeing something that was on sale, then getting another discount some kind of way, and getting another discount at the register. It ain’t fair I tell ya, it ain’t fair!

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