How to get that C cup

Interesting story on ABC News on how Keira Knightly objected to the digital enhancement of her chest in publicity shots. What’s interesting is that apparently this is so rampant, that the fact she objected is even news.

The lengths that marketers will go to to sell a product has always been shameful, what is changing is that technology is giving them the means to make more dramatic changes. In time we’ll be changing skin color, gender, age, etc to tell a better story. I can see a time when sporting events will place specific signs in the stands that aren’t really there, or the broadcasting of political conventions will be altered to change the messages of protesters.

With the power to use this type of technology inappropriately, it will become increasingly more obvious that no one is keeping industry honest.

Makes me wonder if all those amazing photos of Scarlett Johannson’s “talents” are in fact real? Ah – in that case I’ll decide not to care.

2 thoughts on “How to get that C cup

  1. Interesting yet this news program did not cover the fact that in Herbie Fully Loaded they digitally brought the neck line up on all her tshirts to her chin and/or minimized Lohans breast size in the film. This was all done as its a “family movie”. The girl is big; get over it. Also nearly a year later she starts to have an eating disorder; maybe because Hollywood made her feel to large thanks to this film. I am thinking lawsuit here; someone should tell her dad.

    So I guess its Ok to make them smaller if you got them; but not bigger.

  2. Oh man I’m wondering how much they would spend on me if I were on film. They’d have to go to Industrial Light and Magic. I’d end up looking like Denzel.

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