Review: X-Files: I Want to Believe

It’s been hard to build up excitement for this movie since they really didn’t promote it much. I knew it was coming, but there was so little advertising, that I thought it might have been moved.     It probably should have been – so it wouldn’t have to face Dark Knight.   I hoped it would do well enough to warrant another sequel in 2012 but it didn’t fare too well.   At least it didn’t cost much to make.


First off, if you’re not a fan, X-Files will be an easy watch for you. There aren’t any aliens or black oil, for lack of a better comparison, it was essentially a weird procedural. Basic story is Mulder and Scully on the chase after bad guys. Yes, Mulder does lose his phone at some point and light is shed on their relationship, but the focus is on the bad guys. That said, it’s hard to recommend this movie to the non-fan. If your significant other is a big fan, you’ll easily follow the story, but I think having some X-Files history under your belt does make the movie more enjoyable. Mulder’s obsession with believing and trust; Scully’s internal conflict between science and religion – all come into play in this movie and adds more layers to the proceedings. So all said:

X-Files: I Want to Believe: if you’re a fan, catch it in the theater, if you’re not, catch it on cable.

BTW – fans should stay to the end of the credits.

3 thoughts on “Review: X-Files: I Want to Believe

  1. Waste of time…waste of money; mine and the studio’s.
    The whole Scully and Mulder thing is done…whatever
    chemistry they once had is gone. They waited too long to
    bring out another X-Files movie…the fans have moved on,
    as proven by the anemic box-office receipts.

    The fact that you waste a blog on this turd of a movie while
    ignoring “Dark Knight”, destined to go down as not just a
    great “super-hero” flick, but just a great movie period suggests you’ve missed the boat on this one…kind of like
    your “Bosley Crowther” moment.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head there sean – what this world is missing is another Dark Knight article.

    I haven’t written about it, because I haven’t seen it yet, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand is people telling me “I have to see something” to the point where it becomes some sort of an obligation. Dark Knight ain’t going anywhere – I’ll see it when I’m good and ready to see it.

    And when I do, I probably won’t write about it – because the marketers of “Dark Knight” have done well enough without my help.

  3. Maybe it’s because I don’t surf the net and read blogs a lot, or perhaps because some of my closest friends were X-Files fans, but I’ve heard about and seen just as many articles on the X-Files movie as I have on the Dark Knight, so it doesn’t look like X-Files is suffering from lack of promotion, either.

    Oh, and when you do decide to see “Dark Knight”, might I suggest seeing it in an IMAX theatre, if possible.

    Personally, I never like to wait long before seeing a high-profile film I am interested in, so as not to have it spoiled by people telling me all about it before I see it.

    In the meantime, might I suggest some other great movies out there that aren’t getting as much attention and promotion as they deserve:

    “Tell No One”, “The Visitor”, “The Fall”, “Frozen River”, “Man on Wire”, and “Encounters at the End of the World”.

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