Slydial: 50 Ways to leave your lover – (or just one new way)

I think this is a cool service – it’s called Slydial and it allows you to go right to someone’s voicemail without risk of them picking up.  All the uses this would serve.

  1. Want to break up with someone by phone?
  2. Calling out sick and don’t want to reach the boss?
  3. Want to leave a message for that friend you really don’t want to talk to “It was weird, it went right to voicemail” (Don’t try it on me – I know your tricks)
  4. Want to simply leave a message without bothering someone?
You can call from any phone number, but you have to be calling a mobile number.   This is what the internet is all about – creating things that no one knew they needed.
  • Joey ippolito

    Ooooooh…this is good.