CSI Miami: Mala noche justice, Meet Miami justice

Sorry about the unexpected blogcation. Just feeling unmotivated. As my gift to you – watch the wrongness of this CSI Miami clip. Not it’s not a spoof – that was the show.

So bad, it’s good.

5 thoughts on “CSI Miami: Mala noche justice, Meet Miami justice

  1. David Caruso just never gets old. I remember the first thing I ever saw him in was Mad Dog and Glory and I remember thinking then, “Uh, that guy is supposed to be a badass?” It’s difficult to suspend disbelief with him but you’re right, so bad, it’s good.

  2. It’s always a laugh that he left NYPD Blue to focus on his “film career”. Then Kiss of Death happened – Nick Cage and Caruso – more cheese than a Mexican restaurant.

  3. I’ve been on one of those “blogcations” myself (even during my “staycation” a couple weeks ago.)

    Seems like anything that one does on any sort of regular basis, even when started under the most voluntary and optional of circumstances, ends up having the air of an obligation — as in a chore…sword hanging over the head…monkey on your back..weight of the world…

    Um…do I seem a little overwhelmed?

  4. It is sort of an obligation – but it doesn’t bother me too much when I don’t write for awhile – as long as I get back to it.

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