Hilarious Geico commercial

This may be my favorite commercial. Thank god for YouTube for keeping things like this alive. The kid in these Geico Mike Wallace commercials is so dead on. Hope he has a career.

One thought on “Hilarious Geico commercial

  1. The funny thing is that when I read Mike Wallace in
    your description, I thought it was the late Mike Wallace
    from CBS news/60 Minutes…NASCAR don’t mean shit
    to me, so I have never heard of this Mike Wallace.

    As for the commercial, kind of cute…but funniest? Not by
    a longshot.

    I like that condom commercial that’s been making the
    rounds…and those bizarre, funny yet creepy Skittles
    commercials…the one where everything the guy touches
    turns to Skittles reaches a level of pathos seldom seen
    in commercials

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