One reason why your husband isn’t well dressed

Earlier today I decided to run some errands at lunch in Radnor, PA.   While there I wanted to pick up something at the Gap as I walked down Lancaster Avenue I saw Gap Kids and Gap Women but no Gap Gap.   I asked the sales person in Gap Women “where’s the real Gap?”   She told me I had to go to a mall.   I asked her if there was any place in the area that sold men’s clothes and her response: “K-mart?”

I thought about titling this post “How women have ruined the selection of men’s clothes”.   Men buy, women shop – because of this there has to be 100 times the selection than a woman needs.   This is why every department store has a corner focused to men and three floors focused to women.

All I wanted was a pair of socks.   I guess that’s the problem – I would have walked out with nothing more than a pair of socks.

How to get that C cup

Interesting story on ABC News on how Keira Knightly objected to the digital enhancement of her chest in publicity shots. What’s interesting is that apparently this is so rampant, that the fact she objected is even news.

The lengths that marketers will go to to sell a product has always been shameful, what is changing is that technology is giving them the means to make more dramatic changes. In time we’ll be changing skin color, gender, age, etc to tell a better story. I can see a time when sporting events will place specific signs in the stands that aren’t really there, or the broadcasting of political conventions will be altered to change the messages of protesters.

With the power to use this type of technology inappropriately, it will become increasingly more obvious that no one is keeping industry honest.

Makes me wonder if all those amazing photos of Scarlett Johannson’s “talents” are in fact real? Ah – in that case I’ll decide not to care.

Review: X-Files: I Want to Believe

It’s been hard to build up excitement for this movie since they really didn’t promote it much. I knew it was coming, but there was so little advertising, that I thought it might have been moved.     It probably should have been – so it wouldn’t have to face Dark Knight.   I hoped it would do well enough to warrant another sequel in 2012 but it didn’t fare too well.   At least it didn’t cost much to make.


First off, if you’re not a fan, X-Files will be an easy watch for you. There aren’t any aliens or black oil, for lack of a better comparison, it was essentially a weird procedural. Basic story is Mulder and Scully on the chase after bad guys. Yes, Mulder does lose his phone at some point and light is shed on their relationship, but the focus is on the bad guys. That said, it’s hard to recommend this movie to the non-fan. If your significant other is a big fan, you’ll easily follow the story, but I think having some X-Files history under your belt does make the movie more enjoyable. Mulder’s obsession with believing and trust; Scully’s internal conflict between science and religion – all come into play in this movie and adds more layers to the proceedings. So all said:

X-Files: I Want to Believe: if you’re a fan, catch it in the theater, if you’re not, catch it on cable.

BTW – fans should stay to the end of the credits.

Split Enz “I Got You”

Great song – I wish I was listening to this type of music, when it came out.   I had a few bands that fit this genre that I listened to in the early eightie – like Tears for Fears, but I feel I missed the boat on a bunch of bands like Split Enz (especially considering how much of a Neil Finn/Crowded House fan I am).

Break up the Phillies

Everyone wants to talk about Rollins’ being benched yesterday and while I’ll get to that, I think everyone is ignoring the other more concerning issues with this team.   Here’s what I’d discuss:

  • Charlie Manuel should be benched – In the 8th inning yesterday, the Phils had the bases loaded and two outs with Jason Werth facing Oliver Perez.   The Mets bring in Aaron Heilman a side-winding righty;   Manuel had 3 left-handed bats on the bench – Rollins (reigning MVP), Greg Dobbs (leading pinch-hitter in the majors), and Geoff Jenkins.   All three remained on the bench and watched Werth fly out.   I don’t care what the reasoning, that roles is for Dobbs, he’s supposed to be in in that situation no matter what.
  • Chase Utley and Ryan Howard go a combined 2 for 24.   Take away the 9th inning in the first game of the Mets series and the Phillies have scored 10 runs in the past 5 games.   I am so tired of seeing easy runs die at 3rd base.       I don’t care what the talent is, this team can’t hit anything other than a home run – no way to get to the playoffs like that.
  • Lost in this is how well Jamie Moyer, Cole Hamels, and Kyle Kendrick are pitching.   I’m afraid that when the hitters finally come around, the pitching will be in a rut.

Now the Rollins’ situation.   Totally mishandled by the Phillies.   Alright, yes he was late and deserved to be punished. You don’t do it in that situation in that game.   Bench him today.   Fine him.   That does two things – it keeps the issue in the clubhouse and not in the press and it keeps him in the game.   Everyone wants to say you treat MVPs like everyone else – BULLSHIT.   Yes Jimmy let the team down yesterday, but all Uncle Charlie did yesterday was cut off his nose to spite his face.   If this is the playoffs, you think Charlie benches him?   If he does, I’ll rub my face in Howard Eskin’s greasy mane.

I don’t know what you can do to fix this.   Rollins, Utley, and Howard hitting would fix a lot of things, but there’s nothing you can do to get that done.   Maybe they need to start playing for one run all the time – bunting, squeezes, hit and run (when have you seen Charlie do that)?   It’s time to put the players in situations where they don’t have to think – they just do.

Slydial: 50 Ways to leave your lover – (or just one new way)

I think this is a cool service – it’s called Slydial and it allows you to go right to someone’s voicemail without risk of them picking up.  All the uses this would serve.

  1. Want to break up with someone by phone?
  2. Calling out sick and don’t want to reach the boss?
  3. Want to leave a message for that friend you really don’t want to talk to “It was weird, it went right to voicemail” (Don’t try it on me – I know your tricks)
  4. Want to simply leave a message without bothering someone?
You can call from any phone number, but you have to be calling a mobile number.   This is what the internet is all about – creating things that no one knew they needed.