Top Gear – The car show everyone will like

Kristen came across my new favorite show – BBC America’s Top Gear. It’s the car show for everyone. It’s hilarious, tests all the coolest cars, and has really well thought out challenges. Challenges like buying three beater cars and running them across two countries in Africa. They bring stars such as Simon Crowell and James Blunt on the show to race a “reasonably priced automobile” in time trials. It’s hard to describe it and do it justice, and I think watching a clip wouldn’t give the full experience. Really well done and really fun to watch.

It’s on BBC America, and this Sunday they’re having a marathon. Give it a shot.

One thought on “Top Gear – The car show everyone will like

  1. right on!. TG is simply superb!.. the thing u have to bear in mind though is that this is an entertainment show first and foremost. if u’re looking for a show from which u can get facts and figures ’bout normal road cars for the every man, better look some place else.

    this is a car show that reviews and tests exotic cars, mainly to fulfil the fantasy of those of us who have no hope in hell of driving, let alone owning a ferrari or a lamborghini etc.

    the jokes and comments are refreshingly un PC and the challenges are simply brilliant! (crossing the english channel in converted cars, drag race between the fastest production car and a eurofighter jet etc.) really, TG rocks!

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