Now it’s time to focus on McCain

All of the angst and bitterness of the past 16 months is done. We Democrats have a nominee and now it’s time to focus on righting the ship. It is time to end the enduring, national, embarrassment that has become of our executive branch. It is at this point in history that we have a chance to make an inspired choice that is hallmarked by optimism in our country and who we can be. We can choose to ignore the politics of fear that we know the Republican party will resort to.

The Democrats are going to take more of our money, make us weak, invite gays over to screw your wife, take your guns, and burn the flag. Obama will be a first cousin of Bin Laden and married to the Saddam Hussein’s sister.

Anything to scare you into four more years of the Bush administration. The Democrats gave you a black man and a woman as your options. Obama is focusing his entire campaign on “Change” – isn’t it time?

After George Bush was elected the last time, I was depressed. I knew that we had made a mistake. There were many reasons why he won the biggest of which was that the Democrats really didn’t present a great option. How many people said “There’s no real difference between Bush and Kerry”? This is four years after saying the same thing about Bush/Gore- or what I refer to as Bore 2000. Now you have a choice. A man who supported the war then, supports it now in light of what we now know, and supports it for the foreseeable future, or a man that has always been against the war – and will correct this mistake.

And while we’ve been in Iraq, we’ve abdicated our role as leader of the world community. This is what happens when your President lacks the skill required to be a diplomat. McCain is ready, fire, aim – more of the same. That’s what got us into this mess. We need someone who will be careful with the future of generations to come, because they’re the ones that pay the debts incurred by current Presidents.

Please someone give me a good reason why you would vote to continue the past 8 years with McCain? Is it because the economy is so good? The dollar vs. the Euro? The price of fuel? The foreclosure crisis? The sinking opinion of the U.S. by our allies? The unfinished war in Afghanistan? The debacle in Iraq? Tell me – what exactly is it that this administration has done even a fair job at? So why would we reward them with four more years?

There is no more important task that you can do over the next few months than register. If you have registered, get educated. If you are educated, then you know Barack Obama is the choice you need to make – you need to convince your friends and family to get out and vote.

Don’t let this one go the wrong way.

And as important of an election that this is – Obama needs to settle the differences he has with Clinton, and choose her as the Vice Presidential candidate. With all her negatives, she still rounds out this ticket in a dynamic way in which no one else can. Honestly, if she fought this hard against one of her own, imagine her against McCain.

Barack – bring her aboard. Just ask her to leave Bill at home.

2 thoughts on “Now it’s time to focus on McCain

  1. There’s never been a post I’ve been more compelled to completely copy and paste into my own space. I think your statement of the debacle the Republican party has put us into is a sound thought, but I also think, unfortunately, that the actual presidential election will be fought on experience in lieu of passion and correct-thinking. I’m on the side of the latter, of course. You my homee and we are on the same current on a half-dozen topics. This is one of the most important, though.

  2. Thank you Kenny. I’m going to be an optimist until proven otherwise.

    Tell you what – you need to write your own post, on your own blog. We need to do what we can, now that we have a nominee, and make sure we tell everyone that will listen why McCain is not an option.

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