Iamspencer is read far and wide (also I should be careful)

Today I went to Conshohocken meeting about to discuss the current state of the Conshohocken website (horrible). I didn’t want to just complain, I wanted to try and do something about the situation. So we go through introductions, a couple of councilmen, a concerned citizen, and the final introduction was the head of the public works department, the man who was responsible for the “You’re Trash” sign I found on our doorstep recently.

I had never run into someone that I had called out online. Really, really nice guy, and I felt bad.

Not that it will stop me the next time, but maybe I’ll be nicer? Or not. But it a good reminder that there are real people reading this crap and it it’s always a good idea to remember that.

3 thoughts on “Iamspencer is read far and wide (also I should be careful)

  1. Yeah, it’s probably good to remember that you’re writing about real people, but I just reread both of your other posts about Conshy and grammar and I didn’t see anything that was even mildly offensive. So you’re safe.

    Anyway, anybody who is in a position of power and can impact as many lives as those who help run a town SHOULD be held up to scrutiny, and if the worst thing they do is misspell a few words and accidentally chop down a tree, then we’re all lucky.

  2. I’m glad you had this experience, Spencer, and am glad you shared it with us. One thing it points out for me is that we can’t be lured by the perceived anonymity of the Internet. We all should remember that when we post, we’re usually posting to and about real people with real feelings and concerns. Yes we should righteously call out those whom we feel need it, but I really tire (and you didn’t do this at all, Spencer) of the cavalier, slash-and-burn ethos of some of those on the Web, especially the trollers. Thanks.

  3. Thanks A.V. Let me tell you, if you’ve read the Consumerist or any of the Gawker sites, it disgusts me how snarky the commenters can be. Someone complains about a poor customer service experience, immediately a bunch of ass clowns start on “why do you even buy from there” or “serves you right” thread. The anonymity of the web has made us exponentially ruder. As Grace knows, I sometimes will fly off the handle, but I’m no where near as bad as some of these people.

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