A Test for the Grammatically Inclined

Sorry about the dearth in posts. Vacation is upcoming, and I’ve been hela-busy at work leading up to it. (Isn’t that always the case? I’ve always said – vacation is work deferred, not work avoided.)

Anyway – we found the following on our door today. I’m wondering the first line is a statement about us? Hope not.

We’ve realized that Conshohocken is not full of great grammatical stars. I like that they got it wrong, not once, but twice.

6 thoughts on “A Test for the Grammatically Inclined

  1. Ha ha.

    You’re trash, Spencer.

    I have seen the opposite. Many years ago, someone wrote “YOUR DEAD” on my windshield in lipstick.

    I had to laugh.

    But, enough about me….

  2. I hate to admit it, but this is one of my pet peeves. I totally get bees in my bonnet about it. It’s the signal of the decline of good grammar in Western civilization. :-). Really though, my English grammar teacher is right now tearing the pages out of her manual. I don’t understand how these mistakes aren’t caught before they get to this stage. Are there no proofers, or was the print job just too far along for them to go back just because a mistake was made?

  3. Ha! I, on the other hand, am glad to admit that this is one of my pet peeves… (Perhaps I’m simply an elitist jerk, since I also considered it a compliment when Senator Obama was labeled elitist. Truly the first thought that came to my mind was, “Isn’t that a good thing to be?” … But I digress.)

    Your / you’re, along with their good friends, there/their/they’re, are murdered so regularly that it’s scary. I honestly fear that its/it’s will soon be accepted as interchangeable. (See, don’t get me started.)

    I especially enjoy the extra added pleasure of the “Title Case” capitalization. Perhaps Conshohocken Borough will be presenting it as a play this summer — y’know, like Upper Merion’s “Concerts Under The Stars” series. — “You’re Trash! Pickup Days Will Be Changing!” – a play in three acts by John Waters.

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