4 thoughts on “Celebrating the war of southern bigotry

  1. Obnoxious. Offensive. This is about provoking reaction, not “heritage.” I can’t remember if I told you about driving back from the Maryland Eastern Shore a few years ago. A nice day at the beach was turned upside down as we took a rural road home and passed a big farm house with the curtains drawn and Confederate flags and slave auction posters festooning the walls inside. Silently, we were all thinking, “Please god, don’t let the car break down here…” Hate and ignorance should not be elements of “heritage.”

  2. That sounds like something out of a bad movie. But, I have no doubt its true. I have been through town in western Pennsylvania where you get the same vibe.

  3. A few months back, my wife and I were on way back from Erie and had to stop for gas and food in northwestern PA and got nothing but stares from the people in the restaurant. I’ve since said that I’ve felt more comfortable down south than I’ve ever felt in western pa.

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