Elbow – Grounds for Divorce

Outside of Radiohead (because Radiohead is in a class by its own), I have two favorite brit bands – Travis and Elbow. Elbow is more consistently great. Their album Leaders of the Free World was brilliant. They recently released their new album, The Seldom Seen Kid – and it is also brilliant. Here’s a video from the album for the song “Grounds for Divorce”.

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

5 thoughts on “Elbow – Grounds for Divorce

  1. Elbow is okay…but I’ve never liked Travis much…considered them Radiohead-lite, along with Coldplay, Muse, South and a bunch of other bands that sprouted in Radiohead’s wake.

    Hmmm, if you like Elbow, you might want to give Starsailor a shot.

    As for me, after Radiohead, my favourite Brit bands are Supergrass, Super Furry Animals, Portishead, My Bloody Valentine, Goldfrapp, and Spiritualized.

  2. I can’t disagree more. I love Radiohead more than most, but I think a lot of other bands get short shrift because they’re not Radiohead – few bands are. I think Elbow tries harder than Coldplay and Muse. Their first album was good – but they’ve been great ever since. Travis has one great album in 12 Memories – their others have their moments – but in general, they’re better than Coldplay.

    I’ve like, don’t love, the other bands you’ve mentioned. I’m interested in what the new Portishead will sound like. I didn’t like the first Starsailor, but I might go back and give it another try.

  3. I’m glad to hear the new Elbow is good. I have it in my stack of CDs at work I’m set on buying:) Being a music manager is very tough on the ol’ income, haha.

    I also really like Travis. And, of course, Muse.

  4. What about the Doves, d’ya like them, too, Spencer and Scarlet?

    The new Portishead is AWESOME, Spencer!!! They were smart in that they didn’t just try to repeat the stereotypical Portishead “trip-hop” sound…this isn’t chill-out music for hotel lounges.

    There is real grit and noise in this new Portishead….sounds like they’ve been listening to Can and Broadcast in the interim.

    Fave songs of the cd: Plastic(helicopter blade whooshes and a killer drum roll riff) and Magic Doors and The Rip and Hunter and…oh hell, the whole damn album slays.

    Of course, no matter how different musically this Portishead sounds comapred to Dummy…what unifies everything Portishead does is Beth Gibbons uniquely haunting and hypnotic vocals.

    In fact, I could never understand the people who would file Portishead with the rest of the trip-hop chill-out genre; aka records to bonk to.

    If you really listened to what Beth was singing, there was some dark and disturbing stuff on there, and there is on the new album, too.

    In short, Portishead’s Third immediately makes my shortlist for album of the year…and decade.

  5. love, Love, LOVE the doves. Which reminds me that I also love Badly Drawn Boy. I’ll pick up the Portishead album – as well as James? Did I read that James got back together? WTF?

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