Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

Going away for a long weekend to Pittsburgh to hang out with some friends and catch the Phillies at the beautiful PNC Park so what better band than Vampire Weekend?  (Work with me ok).  

Anyway – any excuse to put the “A-Punk” (iTunes) video on my site, I’ll take.  Catchy summer song. We’ll definitely add it to the road trip playlist.

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend - A-Punk


3 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

  1. After seeing their set @ Coachella this past weekend, I think they should change their name to Vampire Week, as they suck all week long!

    Portishead and Goldfrapp were great, Spiritualized did a moving gospel-tinged set…and Prince jammed like he always does(he did a so-so cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”).

    But on the whole, this year’s Coachella was kind of lackluster…whoever thought Jack Johnson was worthy of a headliner slot should be fired immediately…plus the way ticket prices have skyrocketed( I paid $45 for the first Coachella, now it’s $300 for the weekend), I think Coachella has jumped the shark.

    GoldenVoice needs to step up their game for next year’s fest.

  2. Funny – a friend that doesn’t know much about music asked me about the lineup at Coachella- and I thought the same. What happened to years where Radiohead and the Pixies played there? And BTW – Jack Johnson as a headliner? Jeeze.

    I crack-up when I see that Portishead is releasing a new album – I guess a whole new generation will be conceived as their parents have sex to a Portishead album.

    As for Vampire Weekend, I wonder if they are a little head of themselves. I’ve listened to their album, and I think it is very good – and there are some great songs on it, but I don’t think it deserves all the hype it got. It’s not my favorite release this year.

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