Voting for Obama

Really that should be “Voted for Obama”.  We just cast our votes for the next President.  Hoping PA comes through (coming through would be losing by less than 10%).  We need this campaign to end so we can focus on the man who is so wrong for this country – John McCain).

Apparently Hillary was here in Conshohocken today – while Barack got his cheesesteak from Pat’s (not Geno’s – good man), Hillary got her cheesesteak from Bocella’s – and ordered it to go. Want to bet she didn’t even eat the thing?  Isn’t the whole idea to get a press op biting into the cheesesteak and talking with the locals at the luncheonette?

14 thoughts on “Voting for Obama

  1. Really Spencer? Making a point of their cheesesteak ordering? I thought you were better than that. Next thing you know you’ll be writing about the fact that Hillary was doing shots or Obama can’t bowl.

  2. First of all, now I want a cheesesteak for breakfast, so thanks.

    It’s funny but my first thought was that she really wanted to eat the darn thing (in private) and not just daintily take a bite of it for the camera…no, chow down in a way that you wouldn’t want replayed on the evening news. Perhaps projection on my part because I hate eating messy stuff in front of people, and, ya know, it would be tragic to waste a perfectly good cheesesteak for the sake of a photo op.

  3. All major issues should be settled with a (non-Geno’s) cheesesteak. Of course, this comment comes from a guy (perhaps the only one) who defended John Kerry and his Swiss cheese debacle. (I was born and raised in Philly, yet I’ll gladly eat a steak with freakin’ Brie as long as it’s lots o’ cheese.) The real issue should be whether they’re wearing cheesesteak lapel pins. (Hmm, maybe I can get a red-white-and-bleu-cheese lapel pin!)

    But my inclusive stance on steaks is a representation of my bigger problem. Even after all the crap of the last few months, I still (mostly) like both Obama and Clinton. (Not their campaign machines, but at least the candidates themselves and most of their issues.) Trying to take all those issues into consideration, still can’t make up my damn mind. So yes, people like me are likely the problem.

    All I know is that, despite what I just said, I agree with Spencer 100% that we NEED this campaign to end asap. Anything. Broker a deal. (Obama-Clinton in ’08; Clinton-Obama in’16? Whatever.) This ongoing infighting has already resulted in diminishing my view of both of them, and it’s already lost a few moderates to McCain. I can’t believe that the coincidence of having two well-qualified Democrats might result in screwing up this obvious good chance to finally return sanity to the executive branch.

  4. At the risk of opening a can of worms, as a non-Philly person I would appreciate it if someone could please explain why a non-Geno’s cheesesteak is preferable? Does Geno spit in his?

  5. Now I have another reason to come up for a photo safari to the Italian market: a good cheesesteak.

    I’m thinking of yesterday as The Day Hillary Saw Her Shadow – six more weeks of Democratic division… oy vey…

  6. Merujo–When ordering your cheesesteak, make sure you get wiz. Some credit Kerry’s loss in ’04 to the fact that he ordered swiss cheese on his cheesesteak at Pat’s. They dubbed him “elitist.”

  7. NO WIZ! Only people from South Philly and tourists get wiz on their steak. I grew up in this city and the places we went to didn’t even stock wiz.

    Acceptable cheeses – American or provolone – THAT’S IT!

  8. Sorry Spencer, but I vote for the Whiz — “cheese widout” in South Philly speak — at Pat’s. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been there, but back in the glorious (note sarcasm) 80’s, Pat’s was a required stop for me after concerts at the Spectrum (note advanced age.) It was all about the molten cheese goo slopped on and sogging up the roll…spooning on the red hot sauce (with wooden spoon) and then, no matter how hard you tried to stop it, the whole cheese/sauce mess would invariably be flowing out in rivulets from the bottom of the roll before you could finish the sandwich.

    Any place else, I’m with you on the American cheese. But the Pat’s steak is (or at least was) an entirely different beast.

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