Thoughts on the debate?

I don’t know if Obama or Clinton won the debate, but sure as hell ABC lost.  Half of the debate spent on trivial issues (why doesn’t Obama wear the flag pin?  Really?)

As for the candidates, it was a tough night for Obama.  I’m trying not to be biased – but there really was a lack of talk about issues and policy, as if the script for tonight was written by the writers from Lost as opposed to journalists.  The focus on the tabloid issues, is not a good place for Obama – and being that they spent an hour on it – this wasn’t a good debate for him.  As for the comments of him looking defensive – kind of hard not to be, but I think he went on too long, and should have pushed harder to get the dialog to the issues.

That said – if Obama is going to become the nominee and ultimately the President, he’s going to have to take his lumps and respond better than he did tonight.  Clinton fights like a Republican – dirty tricks and all.  I think it was Pat Buchanan or Keith Olbermann said she’s a knife fighter and Obama isn’t used to knife fights.  It’s part of her appeal and her selling point – that we need someone that’s going to fight like that to beat the Republicans and their games.  I hope not.  I’d like to be a little more optimistic and have a little more faith in people than that.

What were your  thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the debate?

  1. I only stopped on it for about 10-15 minutes, right when the whole flag pin came. I was a little confused by it. Like, are they really talking about what I think they’re talking about? It took 3 or 4 minutes of listening before I finally realized they WERE talking about what I thought. WTF?

    And then I saw each candidate respond to the question about whether they plan to keep their promise about pulling out of Iraq, and I was surprised at how Hillary fumbled it and Obama said exactly the right thing.

    And the hosts…. George Stefanahomoppolioppolis and Grandpa Sourpuss.

    I reached my fill of debates. Can’t watch ’em anymore. It’s like cringe TV. The fake smiles, and constant compliments back and forth. I end up looking at the floor out of embarrassment for the candidates.

  2. How disappointing. That debate was an ABC News hatchet job, and it just underscored how the media serves to undermine discussion of real issues. I don’t know why George S. was allowed to moderate for his former boss. Even if this had not been such a one-sided night, the basic tenets of journalistic integrity should have had ABC News choosing a different co-moderator. Talk about conflict of interest. Not that Charlie was much better. Georgie was apparently on Sean Hannity’s show the other day and Hannity fed him the Ayers questions. So I guess FOX News did get to hold a Democratic debate!

    I was pleased to see so many outraged people from all support camps posting on ABC’s website – I even registered to do it and sent a complaint to corporate. Where were the tough questions they should have been asking about the war, the economy, healthcare, etc.? That’s what matters. What these people are going to do in office. The rest is a stupid distraction, and a big reason that our country is on a bad path.

    The moderators were lopsided in their tabloidy stuff; four Obama attacks to one Clinton attack. I understand ten minutes of that on current controversial issues – bitter and Sinbadgate. But beating the dead horse of Rev. Wright, the lapel pin, and that Ayers shit? Overkill. I don’t think it ultimately benefits Clinton that much though. She shines when she gets to discuss policy, and she didn’t have enough of a chance to talk about that much either.

    This “debate” did not offer enough discussion of real topics, and undecided voters must have been especially disappointed in the way that went. That’s got to be the first debate I’ve ever watched where the moderators were booed at the end. Shame on ABC News. Peter Jennings must be spinning in his grave.

  3. We had insanely hyper kittens running back and forth in front of the TV (along with the requisite screeching children) so it was impossible to follow the debate at all. (Plus, romping kitties trump politics most every time.)

    But it seems like I didn’t miss much.

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