Shut the F$@! up!

I begrudge no one their god given right to throw good money away. Lord knows I’ve been known to waste a dollar or two. That said…

When you’re at a concert, shut the fuck up. I can’t tell you how tired I am of people who can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to let a musician sing. It’s amazing. They spend their hard earned dollars to go to a show, and then talk through the whole thing. And they’re really dedicated to talking too; when the musicians starts playing, they talk louder, as if to say “doesn’t this guy with the guitar know we’re trying to have a conversation?”

I feel so bad for the musicians sometimes. It sounds as if no one is paying attention.

So if you’re one of those let me tell you this: it’s rude. It’s rude to the people around you trying to pay attention, and it’s rude to the musician. If you want to waste your money, that’s fine, but you’re wasting mine and everyone else around you who’s trying to listen. You’re also being rude to the musician who actually wants people to hear their music and not your mouth.

For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would pay for a ticket, a surcharge, and then talk through the show. It’s not like these shows are cheap. If you want to talk, go to a bar with a jukebox and talk there – it’s expected. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

8 thoughts on “Shut the F$@! up!

  1. YES!!! Believe it or not, after seeing Joe Jackson the other night, I started writing a radio commentary on the a-holes who talk through concerts, and I started a Ten Commandments list of bullshit I no longer want to put up with at gigs that cost an arm and a leg.

    I feel your pain, man. I *so* do.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! (and Yes!)

    Spencer, you put the mind-bogglingness of it very well. I’d like to think there is a special section of hell reserved exclusively for concert talkers (or at least there should be, if god is any kind of just…)

  3. I also must nominate someone to join them — the at-concert loud-singers. Just sayin’… quietly mouthing along the words to the song to show you’re a fan and know them all = kinda cool; singing them way louder than the actual act = really annoying to those who want to hear the actual artist.

  4. Can we also get rid of the solo stand and dancers. Look, if you want to try to get everyone to stand by getting a couple friends and dancing for a minute or two fine. I think the vibe at a show is always better when everyone is dancing. But, if no one joins in and you are the only one dancing do us all a favor and sit the fuk down.

  5. I actually had written something in my original comment about singing, but deleted it…so yeah…even though I understand how it might just happen to somebody unconsciously, and even if it’s coming from a fantacular place, those wanting-to-sing-along urges need to be suppressed. Please.

    And Ryan, agreed. Except for the “everyone is dancing” part. That would mean — everyone but me. (Oh, and radiocynic.)

  6. Somehow I knew this would strike a chord. I have to say I’m not against all talking – you want to say hello, talk about how cool the guitarist’s Les Paul is, how hot the drummer is, then cool. You want to talk about how your pregnancy is going, for 5 minutes at the top of your lung, over Kathleen Edwards – stay the fuck home.

    Concerts should be social events – but not at the expense of someone else’s ability to enjoy it.

  7. amen brother.

    i had a sigur ros concert nearly ruined because of a hipster doofus and his date talking…after a couple of songs of silently enduring them, hoping they would eventually shut the hell up, i turned around and with my best johnny rotten stare i suggested that if he wanted to live to see his next birthday they would zip it pronto.

    they left immediately and a couple next to me bought me a drink in gratitude.

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