Oh, so tired

The last week has been crazy.  Work has up and decided to be, well, work.  Haven’t had a real day off in over a week – and last week I spent 5 evenings in auto dealership negotiating Kristen’s new car.  Thank goodness that’s over.  So what do I do tonight?  Go to an auto dealership to buy a car for myself.  Still looking though. Want to lower my payment and get something more fuel efficient.

The week will pick up tomorrow – Spoon is playing at the Electric Factory (sold out and I have tickets) and Saturday night it’s Kathleen Edwards.

Check out the following video from Canadian singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards.  She’s truly an amazing songwriter – draws an awful lot of comparisons to Lucinda Williams.  

Don’t say you’ll change after the next time
You wouldn’t even be yourself if you weren’t telling a lie
Maybe 20 years in state will change your mind

Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me - In State

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