Build them up to tear them down

I really didn’t want to write anything about the latest Hollywood scandal, but I’m annoyed.

Another day, another starlet being torn down by the press and the public. I have come to the realization that this is what we enjoy the most. You might think that we like stars and celebrity – the excesses and the glitz, but what we like more is seeing stars fall and all their riches lost. It’s sport.

I am of course talking about the Miley Cyrus scandal. Maybe I shouldn’t assume you know, because I could be talking about the latest Britney Lohan Hilton scandal. While the Cyrus pictures themselves are a little much for a fifteen year-old, it wouldn’t bother me so much if there weren’t adults involved. At the end of the day this is a young girl that is trying to please all the egos around her. And all these egos know there is much money to be made off of her image. Why would they care about the scandal and the harm it would do to this girl when the more scandal it causes, the more money that is made?

Where are her parents? Old “Achy Breaky” himself should know more about the industry and fame than most parents. Instead he’s taking creepy pictures with his daughter. And to this Vanity Fair: at what point does the quest for sales totally diverge with social responsibility?

We treat these girls like adults and complain that they “grow up to fast” when in fact we force then to. Last week Cyrus was apologizing for pictures that were taken while she partied in a hotel with a girlfriend. Thank god I didn’t have to apologize for things I did when I was fifteen. All these self-righteous, pompous, stick up their asses, people that turn a child acting like a child into news. How do we expect a child to act?

This at a moment when our country is in a recession, fighting two wars, and trying to choose who will be the next leader of the free world. The middle east is still the middle east. The third world is in a food shortage crisis. We have other things that should be occupying our minds. Is it a wonder why we’re in such bad shape? (I can talk because if you read this blog you’ll know I don’t spend much time thinking about this shit).

This all says more about us than I wish it did.

Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

Going away for a long weekend to Pittsburgh to hang out with some friends and catch the Phillies at the beautiful PNC Park so what better band than Vampire Weekend?  (Work with me ok).  

Anyway – any excuse to put the “A-Punk” (iTunes) video on my site, I’ll take.  Catchy summer song. We’ll definitely add it to the road trip playlist.

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend - A-Punk


Voting for Obama

Really that should be “Voted for Obama”.  We just cast our votes for the next President.  Hoping PA comes through (coming through would be losing by less than 10%).  We need this campaign to end so we can focus on the man who is so wrong for this country – John McCain).

Apparently Hillary was here in Conshohocken today – while Barack got his cheesesteak from Pat’s (not Geno’s – good man), Hillary got her cheesesteak from Bocella’s – and ordered it to go. Want to bet she didn’t even eat the thing?  Isn’t the whole idea to get a press op biting into the cheesesteak and talking with the locals at the luncheonette?

Get out an vote

Today’s the day you have your chance to practice for the big vote in November. You should get out and vote (and if you’re voting for Obama, vote often ;)

Seriously – whether you’re voting for Hillary, Barack or for some unknown reason McCain, it doesn’t matter, you should get out and vote. It’s important to get into practice to vote even when you think it doesn’t matter.