Newspaper’s should stay out of blogging

Yesterday in Philadelphia there was a senseless crime – 36 year old manager of a Starbucks was killed by a gang of students from Simon Gratz High School at 2:30 in the afternoon.   He was simply leaving work for the day and never made it home.   This kind of violence is so upsetting; children in the middle of the day taking a man’s life.   The school district, the teachers, the parents, and of course the students seem to be a lost cause – essentially allowing the human version of pack dogs out on the street to murder.

All of that said – I was reading the account of this on and the comments of readers and the vileness of the responses are disgusting.   Racist rants threatening violence from the illiterates of our society.   It’s disgusting – and this is on a newspaper   website- not a blog.   I’m all for web 2.0 – but I wonder if all this free speech is worth it when in crosses with the delivery of news.   I know people like to talk and argue, but the discourse found at these websites is generally not intelligent.

I don’t know why I expect more.

5 thoughts on “Newspaper’s should stay out of blogging

  1. It seems as if this was a random crime where the kids were only out to have “fun” – and as disgusting as that seems, I realize that’s just our society. Think about what we consume for entertainment value? We’re the “Jackass” society – where these things are popular. People who abandon dignity in the name of a couple of dollars – that’s reality TV or Stern. These kids will have their lives taken away (and deserve it) but at some point you have to wonder what we’ve become.

  2. My dad is a recently retired photographer who covered Philly and and surrounding area schools and events for decades. Gratz was one of the worst for thefts and violence. He said most kids don’t even carry books to school, just a drink and chips. A teacher friend of his there installed an automatic car starter cause he kept getting bomb threats from students. He has told me endless ugly stories about the goings on in many Phila schools. Principals are even scared of students. Things just keep escalating further out of control. It’s sad.

  3. I’m sitting here reading your post feeling extremely sadness and complete agreement with you on the new communication form that humans have formed all the while having Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush scream at me to not give up.

    Is the rest of the day going to be as juxtapositional?

  4. This is such a sad story. One thing I thought was interesting about this story in particular was a new report last night on Action News. The family read a statement about their loved one, and at the end they said “We do not want people to make this into some kind of racial issue.” As soon as they said that, I thought about how the story would play out on the local web.

    The conversations on, regardless of the story, tend to get heated in a racial way. Someone always brings that to the fore, particularly on crime stories involving people of different races. And even when it’s “black on black” crime, there are dumb comments about “that’s what you get living that gangster lifestyle, living on welfare” and plenty of coded stuff in lieu of the N-word. I really can’t read that stuff anymore. The hate is so out of control, and it really makes me ashamed to be an American, a Philadelphian, an English-speaker, a person who can read, whatever. There are just too many hateful, idiotic people out there to counter.

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