American Idol – the popularity contest

God I can’t wait for real TV to come back.   Last night Kristy Lee Cook – the worst singer known to mankind (who is lucky enough to be blonde and cute), was passed on again in favor of letting more talented people go.   She’s like the star football player in high school who never learned to read.   Chikeze didn’t do himself any favors with a bland retelling of the classic Luther Vandross song “If Only for One Night”; but honestly I write about all this because I think I must be a masochist – I know I’m going to hate American Idol – but I’m watching it anyway.   Eeek – someone save me.

Let me say that Cook’s singing Lee Greenwood’s crappiness “God Bless the USA” (you know the song: I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free) was sheer brilliant manipulation.   OK – I know this “song” is supposed to be patriotic – but it may be the worst “song” ever written.   Can’t we get someone who knows how to write a song, to write a patriotic song?   Cloying and amateurish, there’s only one reason to choose that song: it would be unpatriotic not to vote for her.   What’s she going to sing next week – the national anthem?


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  1. I agree with you completely.. I hate MOST tv that is on there now, but every once in awhile, somebody or something on the reality TV circuit grabs me, happens to the best of us i guess!

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