Barack Obama displays grace under pressure

What an amazing speech today by Barack Obama. Even though his competitors are blanketing the web with divisive vitriol, Obama chose to spoke of unity. He took the comments of Reverend Wright on headfirst, and spoke of a reality that most politicians are afraid to discuss.

Tonight I got a comment from someone who obviously had an ax to grind. She chooses to believe in hate. I won’t. Here’s my response to this woman:

Barack Obama doesn’t represent the entire black experience. He will know people that he doesn’t agree with. He will be close to people who are racist and not agree with them. Here’s the thing – what people need to realize is that many black people inherently distrust the government and by extension white people. Every black person, no matter how caring and open-minded, will know people like Rev. Wright. Just like every white person probably knows some one that is racist – doesn’t mean that they are racist. Hillary Clinton grew up in Chicago with a father from Scranton – let me tell you, she knew (knows) some people with racist tendencies. Bill Clinton grew up in Arkansas – need I say more?

What Obama effectively did today was distance himself from the words of another, while recognizing that the disenfranchisement from which it is born is real and justifiable. While Wright chooses to deal in a world where there is no improvement possible, Obama spoke of unity.

One more thing – just because Obama is black, doesn’t mean he speaks for all black people. Why do people think that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and now Barack Obama need to speak for the entire community?

Obama speaks for the United States. People like you speak (and not very well – it’s called a 7th grade education, look into one) for isolationism.

As for your ridiculous comments about the anthem and the pin – they are just that, ridiculous. You said it yourself, they are code – and you do it because you’re suppose to. That diminishes the meaning of the symbol. The same for placing you hand over your heart.

You should read the text of the Obama speech today. It was a game changing speech. I’m sure HRC supporters didn’t want this kind of response. If you want to know if the man can handle pressure, today he showed he could. Today’s speech didn’t help HRC at all.

One thought on “Barack Obama displays grace under pressure

  1. This beauty of this speech was the absolute logic of it. The lack of artifice. Not a false note. I don’t know if it was written by committee or Obama or some combination thereof (yes, I’m still cynical!) but these are things that needed to be said, and they were said so well.

    I’ve been so excited about the possiblity of a female president – not a popular option in this forum, but my bent nonetheless – but last night, for the first time, I got the feeling maybe Obama really could help the country heal, could unite majority and minority, and bring us to a day when race is a non-issue. Man, that would be sweet.

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