Yes – another new look

I can’t help myself. I just changed the design over at TunesOnTV – and liked the designer I used Design Disease, so I changed things over here also. I think it’s a bit less cluttered than the old look and more professional looking.

Comments please.

6 thoughts on “Yes – another new look

  1. Curlicues! My favorite thing to doodle, and I really like how they sprout across the header and from behind the date stamp (or whatever you call the date at the top of each post.) Nice color combo too — overall it’s a very crisp look.

    So, a thumbs-up all ’round.

  2. I like it. Definitely looks less cluttered.

    I was on your site a couple hours and wondered when the change happened (I usually read you via rss and/or mobile, so I could probably go for weeks without realizing things were different ;)

  3. Nice!! It has a hip, professional, but arty look. :)

    I am in the process of de-Googlefication, and I’ll be moving my blog over to WordPress shortly. Need to pay them ten bucks to map to my custom domain, but I think it will be worth it. Then, I’ll be able to experiment. The Sasquatch is going to help me with design, so I can play with my archive of funky photos and some of my art for banners. Gotta finish this article first, but spring will bring changes…

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