Obama is not running for Vice President

The Clinton team (that would be HRC and Bill) seems to be offering Senator Obama the opportunity to give up his 1st place position in the race (more delegates, states, and votes) to become the Vice Presidential candidate.

I don’t know how someone who’s in second place, can offer the Vice Presidency to the person who’s in first place.

His better point is if he’s not ready to be President on day one to be President, why is he such a great candidate to be Vice President? You have to wonder.

13 thoughts on “Obama is not running for Vice President

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. The only thing I can figure is they’re trying to paint Obama as vice-presidential (anything but presidential).

    But beyond that, why would the more levelheaded candidate want to play second fiddle to the one exhibiting Jekyll/Hyde behavior?

  2. Oh, crap. There are two Howard’s commenting here now? Okay, I’m Howard with a capital ‘H’.

    Anyway, on to the comment. I like both candidates, but it’s crap like this that put me into the Obama camp. Hell, I’m actually giving to his campaign. That’s something I’ve never done.

  3. I tell you what – part of me thinks you need this kind of low-down dirty campaigning to beat the Republicans. The other part of me is disgusted by all of it.

  4. At the risk of confusing grace, I had to add another thought:
    Maybe Hillary Clinton is really two people – like a set of twins. Think about it. Campaigns can be exhausting, so it would be a great way to keep from getting too drained, and it would kind of explain the erratic personality.

    (It would make even more sense if she were triplets.)

  5. Wouldn’t the other Hillary have a mustache though? Isn’t that the way it works with evil twins?

    Then again, she probably has a great waxer on the payroll.

  6. No speech can redeem a person that has spent 20 years of sitting on a
    pew at such a controversial church and being the close friend of such
    a vile, Anti-American, snake of a Pastor.

    Before, the AntiAmerican/AntiPatriot signs have been subtle, no hand
    on heart(us code says to do it) during the national anthem, no flag
    pin (even though hundreds of thousands have died to protect that
    symbol), but now the ultimate proof of Obama’s true intentions has
    been revealed, and there’s no putting it away. Obama even admitted
    that he will continue to maintain close ties with Pastor Wright and
    that he’s like family.

    Obama is Finished in his run for President.

    There’s no way Americans are going to elect such a lying and
    AntiPatriotic person, especially when all of us have relatives that
    have fought, blood, tooth, and nail through the past 200 years to make America the land of the free. This man’s AntiAmericanism is only exceed by his “audacity” to lie, stone faced, to America by handing us the comforting “we should accept Pastor Wright” speech.

    Obama will never live this down as a presidential speak louder than words. Do not make excuses for someone who is crafty with words but supportive of apocalyptic methods.

    Obama’s three strikes are up, it’s time for the next batter.

  7. Can I just clear up one matter in that last comment?

    Obama not having his hand on his heart during the National Anthem is not against the U.S. Code, and not even anti-patriotic (the lie about that picture coming during a pledge of allegiance was debunked by people who actually pay attention a long while ago).

    And the flag pin? Are you freaking kidding me? It’s a sham to think that’s any kind of stand-in for patriotism. I know more than my share of flag pin (and “support our troops”) zombies who don’t exhibit any patriotism at all in their real lives.

    Patriotism is participation in the process, and troop support is actuall support for troops. Pins and magnets are all good, but they’re hollow when the people using them are just lazy label wearers.

  8. Wow – how horrible is this comment? It’s obvious that you came here with an ax to grind and no matter what was said today, you were going to disagree with. You probably cut and paste this exact comment into a million other posts.

    Barack Obama doesn’t represent the entire black experience. He will know people that he doesn’t agree with. He will be close to people who are racist and not agree with them. Here’s the thing – what people need to realize is that many black people inherently distrust the government and by extension white people. Every black person, no matter how caring and open-minded, will know people like Rev. Wright. Just like every white person probably knows some one that is racist – doesn’t mean that they are racist. Hillary Clinton grew up in Chicago with a father from Scranton – let me tell you, she knew (knows) some people with racist tendencies. Bill Clinton grew up in Arkansas – need I say more?

    What Obama effectively did today was distance himself from the words of another, while recognizing that the disenfranchisement from which it is born is real and justifiable. While Wright chooses to deal in a world where there is no improvement possible, Obama spoke of unity.

    One more thing – just because Obama is black, doesn’t mean he speaks for all black people. Why do people think that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and now Barack Obama need to speak for the entire community?

    Obama speaks for the United States. People like you speak (and not very well – it’s called a 7th grade education, look into one) for isolationism.

    As for your ridiculous comments about the anthem and the pin – they are just that, ridiculous. You said it yourself, they are code – and you do it because you’re suppose to. That diminishes the meaning of the symbol. The same for placing you hand over your heart.

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  10. Wow, that comment kinda blew me away. Speaking as the daughter of two WWII vets, the granddaughter of two WWI vets, and the sister/sister-in-law of several Vietnam-era vets, I think the whole point of our country is that those who willingly serve do so to protect our rights to be free, to voice our own opinions, to take our own path, so that we do not have to be sheep, tied down to patriotism in the form of a lapel pin or a big ribbon fridge magnet slapped on the back of a car. That’s not patriotism, that’s posturing.

    I lived for 4 1/2 years in a country where people were forced to follow codes, wear pins, join certain clubs and join the ONLY political party in the whole country. It was a vile way for people to live. Michelle there should have been with me for that ride – her way of thinking would have been applauded by the Soviet government.

    BTW: “Obama will never live this down as a presidential speak louder than words. Do not make excuses for someone who is crafty with words but supportive of apocalyptic methods.” Okay, Yoda, what does that mean?

  11. You know what’s not patriotic? Sending 4000 citizens to die in a war based on lies and corporate interest. And every one of those assholes who made that decision, to a man, wears the pin.

    Michelle and people like her are the reason why political discourse in this country has been doomed to idiocy for years now. A pin and a hand on your heart makes everything okay? I respect Obama more for not wearing the pin. He doesn’t feel the need to put a dumb pin on his lapel to prove he’s American. FDR, Kennedy, Lincoln – did any of these presidents wear such a stupid little token meaning nothing?

    If all you demand as proof of patriotism is that pin and a pledge to support the troops (even as you send them off to war without proper gear), then you deserve the lying crooks and cranks who populate the halls of power. If you would ask the founding fathers (if you could name them), they would tell you: it’s living the principles of freedom and democracy that make you patriotic. All else is pointless show.

    I also reject the notion that being in a room with people of different ideals means you believe the same thing. How many Catholics out there have premarital sex? Use birth control? And still come out to mass. How many Republicans are actually pro-choice? How many Democrats vote against raising taxes? I’m a Catholic. I disagree with about 70% of their platform at this point (the number keeps rising since they elected a Hitler Youth member to speak to God on our behalf). Still, I check off that same box.

    Are we all hypocrites? Yes. Are we all too complex to put into boxes? Double yes. The weakness of our pathetic fourth estate and the political process is that they strive to fit us into easy categories. It just ain’t possible.

    I don’t think there’s a person alive who can claim not to know a racist person. Not to have ever said a racist or sexist thing, even if it was to be ironic or funny. Trolls like Michelle on other sites have mentioned Obama’s grandma and how he threw her under the bus. He didn’t. He was honest. Something we as a people are not particularly adept at being. If you’ve never met anyone who has said something cringe-worthy, no matter what was ultimately in their heart, then you must be living underground. You don’t stop loving grandma or father or crazy uncle jimmy – you debate them, shake your head, disagree, whatever, and live your life the way you believe.

    Prejudice exists in this world. We can’t let that define us. We must move forward. That’s Obama’s message. And the challenge before us now.

    Michelle is probably a troll, posting this crap to many websites today to try to smear an honorable man. Now Michelle can go back to Fox News (or HRC HQ).

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