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I haven’t written anything about a new blog I’ve put together last March. It’s called Here was the idea – after continuously looking for music from television online, I decided that there was a good idea there. On the blog I post songs from television shows, tv commercials, and links to the songs on iTunes, where I get a percentage of the sale. It got to put together two things I do a lot of – watch television and listen to music. It’s about time I figured out a way to get paid for doing both.

So the blog has been running for awhile and has a bunch of songs up there and is getting decent traffic. It is a money making idea – a couple of cents a day ;)

I’d love for you guys to come by – kick the tires – let me know what you think. I’d also love for you guys to add links to your blog and contribute by letting me know if there are songs I should add. Let me know if you add a link – I’ll trade.

Tunes on TV – Music from Commercials and Television Shows

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