The Presidential candidate and her boobs

hottieclinton.JPGbrettmorganna.jpgStories like this are awesome…or something.   Upper Deck decided to release a set of baseball cards modeled after the current presidential candidates.   Each candidate was aligned with an actual baseball moment (e.g. Mitt Romney as Carlton Fisk trying to wave a home run fair in the 1975 World Series).   Problem is there are no women players to model Hillary after.   So the Mensa candidates at Upper Deck decided to model her off of Morganna the kissing bandit.   (Morganna was an exotic dancer   known for running on the field at baseball games and planting a kiss and her I cup boobs on an unsuspecting ball player).

A woman can be the smartest woman on the planet and still it gets brought back to tits and ass.

Anyway, production of the card wasn’t stopped in time to stop a few from getting out.   If you find one, lucky you – they’re a huge collectors item going for almost $4,000 on eBay.

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