When are your TV shows coming back?

Entertainment Weekly has answered the question on everybody’s mind (ok – it’s on my mind).   Now that the writer’s strike is over, when will my show come back, and how many new episodes can I expect?

Of note (again, to me, maybe not you)

  • 24 – Early ’09 – 22 episodes (just kidding, of course 24)
  • 30 Rock – April 10, 5-6
  • Bones – April 14th, 4+
  • CSI: Miami – March 24, 8
  • Desperate Housewives – Late April, 4-5
  • Heroes – Fall 2008
  • House – TBD, 4-5
  • How I met your mother – March 17, 9
  • Lost – They’ve got 10 episodes done, will take a break in mark and finish up the 16 episode season in 13 episodes
  • The Office – April 10, 5-6

What about Supernatural?   Hoping they don’t cancel it.

One thought on “When are your TV shows coming back?

  1. I am glad to see that the shows are back on the air. I was getting sick and tired of hearing Jay Leno actually perform his own lines.

    It is sad to hear the Prison Break was actually just cancelled from Fox. I thought they had good ratings and original info. Do you have any info on this? Thanks.

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