Super Tuesday 2008

What a crazy week.   I’ve been so busy at work.   I haven’t had a chance to look at my Google Reader account and should be working instead posting.   Anyway.

  • Watching MSNBC right now and Mike Huckabee has the line of the night “[Senator Romney] has taken both sides of the whining issue.”   The more I listen to the Republicans, the more I hate Romney.   He seems to bring back the Karl Rove way of politicking.
  • I’m here rooting for Obama and McCain – weird.   Mike Huckabee seems like a nice reasonable guy – but he scares me and I don’t think he should be President.   I’d have a beer with him, but wouldn’t vote for him.
  • I think I’m tired of the media reporting on all the racial statistics – I’m not sure it gets us anything.
  • Romney wins Utah (Mormon land) and Massachusetts (he was governor) and nothing else.   Maybe people see him for what he is – slime.
  • Obama winning Connecticut is as much a blow to Clinton as her winning Massachusetts is for Obama.
  • Really – Ron Paul is running?   And what’s with Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson still being on the ballot in New Jersey?
  • I just watched Chris Matthews flat out lie in an interview to Huckabee.   He said that Mississippi governor Haley Barbour said in an interview that Huckabee and Romney should drop out because they can’t catch McCain.   What he said was that when there is a clear winner, the others should drop out.   Matthews did this about 10 minutes after his interview with Barbour.   This is why we should hate the media.
  • It’s amazing how divided the Republicans are.
  • Wow – we didn’t watch American Idol to watch the election results.   Much more interesting.
  • I’m staying up to see the Alaska results come in – all 12 of them.
  • McCain just said “national primary”.   If he promises that I vote for him. (Come on, if Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh hate him, he can’t be that bad).
  • Oooh, will CNN leave McCain to broadcast Obama?   I can’t believe they’re going to speak at the same time – don’t the campaign people schedule this better?

It looks like we’re going to be moving on without a winner on the Democratic side.   I’m getting tired and have more work to do.

5 thoughts on “Super Tuesday 2008

  1. Huckabee is neither ‘nice’ nor ‘reasonable.’ He’s a delusional religious zealot. And he won’t drink beer with you because drinking is a vice, not to mention so full of carbs! (He lost 100 lbs, you know.)

    The Dems have too much talent, the Republicans have none. Crazy. Romney is an ambitious flake, Huckabee is Huckabee, Paul has no chance, and McCain is too darn old.

  2. Agreed Grace! That’s why he’s so dangerous. He lulls you into thinking he’s a nice guy, no threat. Then he starts abolishing what little reproductive rights we have left, banning the instruction of evolution theory, putting a permanent block on stem cell research, etc. People may think he’s nice and funny with all the Conan shenanigans, so without knowing his anti-creationist thing as public knowledge, I can see the argument. “He wants to abolish the IRS! I hate paying taxes. I like his tie. I’m voting Mike!”

    I think that’s part of the reason Dubya got elected. He’s a uniter! He believes in faith, but isn’t interested in imposing too much. He’s no radical. And Will Ferrell made him look like just a party dude. That’s funny! With Gore’s campaign blowing, I think people didn’t think it would hurt to vote for him. He seemed harmless.

    That’s why it’s so important to really take a look at what they believe in before they start running towards the center during elections. Bush put himself out there as downright moderate and cooperative with the opposition. What a joke that turned out to be.

    I wonder if McCain would run with Hucker on the ticket to quiet the ultra-conservatives and rally the party’s base.

  3. My favorite Romney reference (in a newpaper column by humorist Andy Borowitz):

    “In other campaign news, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney used a speech in South Carolina to tout his life experience, including his stint as a generic white male clipart illustration. ”

    Anyway, as Kristen said so well (better than I’m about to) Huckabee is scary because his of congeniality. I’ve never been able to explain G.W.’s presence in the White House other than naive voters responding to his Good Ole Boy personality.

  4. I don’t find him scary as a man – just as the President. As Kristen can attest, most of my family has more in common with him than with me – I get along fine with them, but not a one of them I would want for President.

  5. I don’t even find President Bush scary as a frat boy, or as a guy-next-door, or even as a businessman. Indeed he also seems like a nice enough guy deep down. I only find him scary as a boss, or certainly as a governor or president — any position of power. And it’s not his perceived evil that really bothers me — that’s probably mostly the VP’s department anyway — but rather just the way the rest of the world perceives his apparent consistent dumbness, and by association, the dumbness of the American electorate.

    But I agree that the Huckabee issue might be a bit more sinister. He does NOT seem dumb at all; simply likeable, IF one knows nothing about his issues and evil plans. Every time he picks up that damn bass, I just want to hang out and jam with the guy… then I remember to run screaming from the room.

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