Perfectville, Population still 1 (Thank you Giants)

Mercury Morris said about teams attempting to go undefeated, “Don’t call me when you get to my town, call me when you’re on my block”. Well the Patriots were knocking at their door. What a sense of failure they must feel – they were so certain, they tried to trademark 19-0. Well I hope they trademarked 18-1. After all the talk of spygate the past couple of days, I can’t believe how much I was rooting for the Giants. I hate the Giants. But yes, the evil empire of Bill Belichick gets a dose of humility – it’s long overdue.

Best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen. And a huge upset. Any one of you that picked New York, did it to pick the underdog – you know you didn’t believe it would happen. Thanks to the Giants for saving us from seeing the “jinxed” Boston fans celebrate yet again.

My only question is how long it will be before I realize Eli Manning has won a title and the Eagles have not. I say Tuesday.

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