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I haven’t written anything about a new blog I’ve put together last March. It’s called Here was the idea – after continuously looking for music from television online, I decided that there was a good idea there. On the blog I post songs from television shows, tv commercials, and links to the songs on iTunes, where I get a percentage of the sale. It got to put together two things I do a lot of – watch television and listen to music. It’s about time I figured out a way to get paid for doing both.

So the blog has been running for awhile and has a bunch of songs up there and is getting decent traffic. It is a money making idea – a couple of cents a day ;)

I’d love for you guys to come by – kick the tires – let me know what you think. I’d also love for you guys to add links to your blog and contribute by letting me know if there are songs I should add. Let me know if you add a link – I’ll trade.

Tunes on TV – Music from Commercials and Television Shows

Who hired Tim Russert

Man, he’s a dick. This debate shows why debates are useless. The entire debate was about laying traps – example: “What is the President of Russia’s name?” The whole denouncing or rejecting Louis Farrakhan subject. I guess it’s too much to wish for more policy, but I think we’re looking for someone to stumble. These debates have turned into NASCAR – people looking for the accident.

What the hell was with Hillary complaining about getting the first question of the debate? And she needs to stop with the “jokes”. Oh great – Chris Matthews and Tim Russert, I’m out.

Welcome Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader has joined the race.   Before we Democrats get our knickers in a bunch – Nader won’t have an effect on the race…at least he shouldn’t.     Nader made this comment on Meet the Press today:

“If the Democrats can’t landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, emerge in a different form.”

He’s very right.   I guess I respect his belief in changing government by changing the conversation – but I will admit his mere existence in this election scares me.   Unlike 8 years ago, the Democrats have two great candidates who are up to the fight.   Gore lost the 2000 election on his own.

Honestly – I’ve commented before that I think voting for a 3rd party candidate, when the we’re in Iraq, when the Supreme Court is in balance, when the economy is in a tatters, when so many people don’t have health care – is basically throwing your vote away.   Actually it’s more of a vote for status quo than anything.

Anyway – I hope he can change the discussion without affecting the race.

An already interesting campaign, has gotten even more interesting.

The Onion: Bush: Keep Abstinence in Aids Plan

I love our President in the way late night hosts love – well our President. So much material I think comedic potential should be considered in voting for the President.


The Onion

Bush: Keep Abstinence In AIDS Plan

President Bush wants to keep a contested provision in his global AIDS package in which one-third of all prevention spending goes to abstinence…

An Open Letter to Ed Snider of the Sixers

I read today that Ed Snider is upset that fans aren’t going Sixers games and doesn’t know why. From the Philadelphia Weekly:

“Our kids play hard every single game, every single minute,” Snider said. “You can see them getting better right before your eyes. I would hope they deserve more recognition and support from our fans. I think those fans who come to the games are enjoying immensely what they are seeing.”

Snider said he had a better feeling about the Sixers at the start of the season than reporters who almost universally picked them to finish last in the Eastern Conference…. “I feel the prognosticators wrote us off before the season began,” Snider said. “And that’s why people have taken a show-me attitude.”

With this I wrote the following to the team:

I saw an article today that indicated that Ed Snider doesn’t understand why people aren’t showing up. Being exciting is not enough. We see this team struggle to get to the 8th playoff spot and we know that the best you can hope for is a playoff win or two, but we will not be competitive with the best teams. That would require seriously upgrading this team which up until now was hampered by the mishandling of the salary cap.

So without a compelling reason to attend a game it is just plain entertainment. If I want to sit in the lower level, it will cost at least $104 for two tickets. Add in the cost of parking, food, drink and easily you’ve spent $175-200. For that price tag I could go to best restaurant in the city. If my tastes are less refined, dinner and a movie for a quarter of the cost.

That is the decision your fans make when your team is not good, or lacks star power. There are bottom line reprecussions for having a bad or even mediocre team and that is what you’re experiencing.


(I know my regular readers don’t care too much about sports, but I do so sometimes I need to vent).