Obama vs. Clinton: Democratic Debate Thoughts

I have to admit we didn’t watch the full debate – we’re watching it in pieces right now.   Seems like it was really cordial affair and an actual discussion about the issues.   The Iraq question wasn’t a good one for Hillary.   Neither was the Bill Clinton question.   I do think she’s a better debater than Obama – he’s not as good a debater as he is a public speaker.   I think the healthcare issue provided a contrast, but otherwise there didn’t seem to be much to choose between the two.

Either way I’m excited for either of these two to take on the Republicans.   I think Obama has a better position on Iraq, but either has a better position on healthcare and taxes.   BTW – what the hell with all the famous people?   Fran Drescher?   Pierce Brosnan?   Brandy?   WTF?

What were your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Obama vs. Clinton: Democratic Debate Thoughts

  1. Don’t forget Rob Reiner, Diane Keaton, Steven Speilberg and Stevie Wonder!

    Your assessment thus far seems accurate. It was friendly for the most part, and they both impressed me with their display of wit and intelligence. The one thing I found odd was that everyone on stage was squeezed into little elementary school desks.

  2. Please don’t mention Rob Reiner – I saw him and was hoping Trey Parker and Matt Stone would be sitting right behind him.

    We fell a sleep to more of the debate last night (I got my sexy back, huh?) – honestly, that would have been a hard debate to base a decision on.

  3. It was LA. I wouldn’t expect anything different. The one thing I did like about the debates was the change in tactics. They seem to have finally realized that a united front against Republicans is much better than causing a rift inside the party. That made me feel MUCH better about both of them. I’m still leaning towards Obama, but would be happy if Clinton gets the nomination, too.

  4. The debate was good. I haven’t wavered from my Obamamania, but at least the candidates looked good for the general. Loved his classy opening statement. Hers turned into a Hillary commercial, which, of course it was going to be. I just like that he doesn’t exactly follow the candidate script.

    I also respect Obama’s healthcare stance, as well as the whole transparency thing he spoke about in terms of negotiating these plans. Back room deals with insurance companies, pharma reps, and lobbyists are the old way, and they have inflamed this mess. The same with the banks. Let a Senator and a bank CEO say it to the American people that they need to make more money for themselves by making bankruptcy more difficult for working folk. Both would then cease to be the faceless monoliths behind these laws that affect so many people’s daily lives. They would be held more accountable – the way it should be. Completely see-through. Senator X and Bank Y can try to pass that bill, but at least I will know which bank to boycott and which legislator not to vote for. Love the transparency thing!

    Hillary needs to stop “lawyering” about the Iraq War vote. Just say you screwed up, we were lied to, and I intend to fix it, etc. Didn’t the Great American Blowjob Crisis of 1998 teach her anything? Don’t be a lawyer about these things, give a straight answer and just admit your mistakes. We’ll respect you more.

    Word on the little desks, Grace. Also, I don’t know how much Politico.com paid to be there, but they should get a more articulate person up there to read questions. Wolf Blitzer is an inflamatory boob. Trying to create controversy, asking dumb questions, just being Wolf in the effin’ Situation Room Wolf. Why can’t the awesome and intelligent Anderson Cooper host these things?

    Hillary’s mannerisms when she attends these events are killing me as I see more and more of her entrances. The pointing and the “you, you, you!” and the point-waving. Was there coaching by Bill on this point? “Honey, I do the bopping thumbs up thing, so you should probably do pointy stuff.” “You’re right Bill, it makes me seem like a real person, because I see people doing that stuff all the time.” Um, no you don’t Hillary. It just makes me want to order you some Ritalin. Isn’t pointing still considered rude? And also, the open-mouthed smile thing is ridiculous. Very distracting for a person who is easily distracted by things like hairdos. And by the way, Hillary’s hair looked good.

    All that said, I’m very happy that we will have a good candidate no matter what.

    I loved seeing Isaiah Washington, sensitive defender of gay rights, there in the crowd. Brandy was just happy to not be in jail for causing death on the highway. And Rob Reiner looked like he had a monstrous stick up his ass. He must have seen the rerun of his South Park episode the night before! Part of me thinks CNN wanted this to be a celebrity smackdown. It was really distracting and sorta makes the party look more out of touch with normal people. Except for those “Hello! You, you, you!” pointer people. They’ve totally got their finger on the pulse of those guys.

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