A concert update service to replace Pollstar

I wrote a while back about Pollstar Premium going away. That service allowed you to follow up 100 artists and be notified by email when an artist on your notify list was coming to town. It also allowed you to follow venues and cities the same way.

Today I found a replacement. It’s called Tourfilter and is specific to the following cities:

atlanta austin chicago dallas dc detroit dublin houston london los angeles melbourne nashville new orleans new york philadelphia portland providence seattle sf bay area toronto twin cities vancouver western mass

Unlike Pollstar, this service has RSS and iCal feeds – eschewing email (as more companies should do).   Some nice features are the fact that it recommends bands based on the artists you add, it allows you to see the tour lists of other members, and if you insist on email – there’s a weekly newsletter.   Best of   all it’s free (Pollstar Premium cost $10 a year).

It’s definitely worth checking out.

5 thoughts on “A concert update service to replace Pollstar

  1. I found tourfilter totally by chance about a year and a half ago (looking for Thomas Dolby stuff) and I like it. Sorry I didn’t think to mention it to you!!

  2. I didn’t really look for a replacement until my Pollstar subscription died – that was yesterday. If it works, this is better.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I subscribed to Pollstar Premium for years and have not been able to figure out a replacement since they (for no apparent reason) did away with their auto-notify service.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!

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