Kristen calls this a link dump – the week of 1/13/08

None of these are big enough to talk about in an individual post.  Interesting week:

  • A race war broke out this week between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and the voice of reason turns out to be Jesse Jackson?  Of course, Hillary and Bill defended Bob Johnson at first – kind of disgusting. Bob Johnson is a moron and the last person I want speaking for me for any reason.  The Clintons should know better.
  • Mike Huckabee still doesn’t believe in evolution.  I don’t know why we’ve been discussion this so much this week, but geeze.  I guess I don’t have so much of a problem with Huckabee as I do with the morons that will vote for him.  These morons are the majority of voters in South Carolina.  This is why there there isn’t a test needed for voting – so many people would fail.
  • Apparently clowns are a big deal.  Both my wife and Cyn have espoused their views on clowns independently, at the same time, in startlingly similar prose. Creepy.
  • Apparently Mitt Romney won an election.
  • Apple introduced the Macbook Air.  Not sure about this one.  It’s very cool – but kind of expensive.  If you want it with the solid state hard-drive it will cost $3,200.  I hate style over function – and this is the same functional laptop as as the regular Macbook that costs $1,099.  A fool and their money.  I will say I’m liking the new Apple TV.  Nice price – but $4.99 for HD movie rentals? I’ll pass.  I think.

Final note – if you haven’t registered to vote, click on the Rock the Vote banner in the right toolbar.

Macbook Air Commercial Music

2 thoughts on “Kristen calls this a link dump – the week of 1/13/08

  1. I suspected it before, but this has confirmed it – your wife is an exceptionally intelligent and insightful human.

    And now I know who will be at my right hand when I mobilize my anti-clown forces.

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