Is your Christmas tree still up

Driving down Fayette Street here in Conshy – I saw someone’s Christmas tree still up and lit in their apartment. January 17th is much too late for that. Anyway, it reminded me of a “Christmas” song from Holly Golightly called “Christmas Tree on Fire”, which I’m streaming below.


Holly Golightly - Christmas Tree On Fire - EP - Christmas Tree On Fire


Hope it’s been watered ;)


2 thoughts on “Is your Christmas tree still up

  1. I remember debating this in some post somewhere a year or two ago. I espouse the single-digit-date method of Christmas treeing. Any single-digit date in December is not too early to buy it and put it up (as long as it’s fresh-cut), and any single-digit date in January is still okay to be the day it comes down. So my “maximum legal limits of Xmastreeing”, as if anyone would actually care, would be December 1 – January 9. I think ours made it to the 12th this year, which means I was just starting to get neurotically responsibility-ridden to get it curbside.

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