I love my sister, but ewww!

Ok this has got to be the worst story of the year.   A husband and wife in England recently had their marriage annulled after discovering they were twins separated at birth.   I repeat: EWWW!   A couple of thoughts:

  • As Kristen pointed out, you’d think they’d have looked into this with both of them being adopted, both having the same birthday, and being in a smaller country.
  • I really don’t want to know how they found out or how long it took to discover
  • Grace pointed out that they’ll never enjoy having sex again
  • Why wouldn’t someone tell the children or the parents that there was a twin out there
  • Interracial marriage kind of makes this less likely huh
  • I wonder how often this happens with half-siblings that roaming around not knowing their relatives

Can’t help but feel bad for these two.   Who knows how hard it was for them to find someone they loved enough to marry.

5 thoughts on “I love my sister, but ewww!

  1. Second that, but with the way some adoptions go, they might not even know they were born the same day, or where.

    Incidentally, I once met a girl who was born the same day as me, and in the same hospital, no less. Even if I was adopted, I’m not sure that could have kept me from asking her out.

    Sometimes the heart has a mind of its own. Or something like that?

  2. This only proves they never really loved each other. Since they were willing to annul their marriage even though they found out they were siblings. Too bad that was in England, otherwise I could make a witty remark ‘And people wonder why the divorce rate of America is 50%’?

  3. I Love My Sister And Cousin Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like. I Did’int Know That This Girl I Met Was My Cousin. Ewwwww!

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