For all you married people who need a date

ashleymadison.jpgGrace has been hearing ads for the Ashley Madison dating service on Stern.   There are a million dating services and they all have their twist – this one’s no different; it’s for married folk.   Wouldn’t you love to hear from Jerry Fallwell on this one – why’d he have to go and die on us? This would have killed him!

As a marketer, I have to love the tag line

When monogamy become monotony

BRILLIANCE!   Question: don’t you get married so you don’t have to date anymore?   Oh – it doesn’t have anything to do with dating does it?   Well, judging by the number of sites that do the same thing, it must be a bustling business.

(And the religious right worry about homosexuality hurting the sanctity of marriage.   PULEASE!)

2 thoughts on “For all you married people who need a date

  1. I think I like the tagline on the sign up page for singles: “Because the best men and women are already taken”

    I suppose there is a niche for this sort of thing. I just didn’t realize that affairs were so socially acceptable to create a dating site for them…

  2. I think its an amazing statement about where this society is, at this point. If there is a way to make money, no matter how low down it is, someone will find it and market it successfully.

    As ugly as it is, think about how brilliant it is. They just took something that has been going on forever (infidelity) and cashed in on it.

    I am not supporting it. I am just saying…it’s pretty smart.

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