Obama vs. Clinton: Democratic Debate Thoughts

I have to admit we didn’t watch the full debate – we’re watching it in pieces right now.   Seems like it was really cordial affair and an actual discussion about the issues.   The Iraq question wasn’t a good one for Hillary.   Neither was the Bill Clinton question.   I do think she’s a better debater than Obama – he’s not as good a debater as he is a public speaker.   I think the healthcare issue provided a contrast, but otherwise there didn’t seem to be much to choose between the two.

Either way I’m excited for either of these two to take on the Republicans.   I think Obama has a better position on Iraq, but either has a better position on healthcare and taxes.   BTW – what the hell with all the famous people?   Fran Drescher?   Pierce Brosnan?   Brandy?   WTF?

What were your thoughts?

Lost is back

lost-season-3.jpgAfter eight long months Lost is back.   There are only 8 episodes, but after the fantastic end to the season last year, eight is enough.   I’m hoping that they continue to build on last season’s momentum.

If you want to read some of my posts from last season, click the link below:

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Choosing between two evils: Superbowl XLII

belichick_913.jpgcoughlin.jpgEarlier today I was reminiscing about the 2004 election between John Kerry and George Bush when I realized that this weekend’s Superbowl is perfectly analogous to that election.   Yes we have the New England Patriots, going for their fourth NFL championship in the past 7 years, and the New York Giants hoping to not be embarrassed.   Who do you root for?   Boston or New York fans?   Eli Manning or Tom Brady?   Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichick?   Might as well be Hitler or Bin Laden.

As much as I hate to do it – I just can’t stand seeing Boston win another championship.   Maybe if their fans weren’t such assholes, or if their coach wasn’t so damn smug, or their QB so damn good – I could sit back and enjoy history in the making.   As it is, this lifelong Philadelphia Eagle fan, and therefore a lifelong hater of anything having to do with the New York Giants must root for them this weekend.

What else can I do?

Barack Obama and faith in change

I’ve made it pretty clear that I support Barack Obama for President. His personality and skill as a communicator have made it easy to do so. But after listening to his speech after winning the South Carolina primary, I have realized why I will support Obama for as long as I can – he says the things that I have said for years.

  • Politicians saying things just because they are politically expedient to the point where we can’t believe what they say anymore.   Last week when he was asked what his biggest weakness was, he gave a real answer.   Obama, said he has a messy desk and needs help managing paperwork; Clinton responded that her biggest fault was being too impatient to change America for the better; Edwards said his biggest weakness is having such a powerful response to seeing pain in other people.   Clinton and Edward’s gave those classic, turn a strength into a weakness answer that we all know is bullshit.   This is a minor instance, but it matters – I’ve always wondered why our politicians can’t be a little more candid with us.
  • He speaks of getting rid of the undue influence of lobbyists in Washington.   Yes, he’s receiving money from the bigwigs, but that’s a moot point – they all are.   Until we have campaign reform, this is the system and this is how you run for President.
  • Obama speaks about reaching out to the other side of the aisle, that we need to put down our differences and work together.   I have never felt that George Bush gave a two cents about what anyone who isn’t a Republican thinks.   He has worked to disenfranchise half of the country for political benefit.   I think the Democrats have better ideas – they are in line with what I believe is right for the country, but that doesn’t mean that we can simply ignore the opinions of the rest of the country.

Politicians talk about these things all the time – but it’s rare that you believe them, and it’s rare that these ideas are the pillars of their campaigns. Download and read his blueprint for change if you need to hear more about his policies. It is important that we hire the best person for the job and it’s important that you do you homework.

You may be of a mind that politicians cannot be believed and will do and say anything to be elected, and when push comes to shove, they will turn their back on the American people. That doesn’t matter. Put your skepticism and pessimism aside, listen to the candidates, and pick the best one. But don’t choose a candidate because your negative view of what is possible doesn’t allow you to believe anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

Until I am six feet under, I will have faith in good people. Unfortunately we haven’t had that in the White House for a long time, but that won’t make me believe that it can’t happen again.

I believe that we can change things. And I will put my faith in the one candidate that has staked his entire campaign on change. Anyone else is just a different shade of gray.

A concert update service to replace Pollstar

I wrote a while back about Pollstar Premium going away. That service allowed you to follow up 100 artists and be notified by email when an artist on your notify list was coming to town. It also allowed you to follow venues and cities the same way.

Today I found a replacement. It’s called Tourfilter and is specific to the following cities:

atlanta austin chicago dallas dc detroit dublin houston london los angeles melbourne nashville new orleans new york philadelphia portland providence seattle sf bay area toronto twin cities vancouver western mass

Unlike Pollstar, this service has RSS and iCal feeds – eschewing email (as more companies should do).   Some nice features are the fact that it recommends bands based on the artists you add, it allows you to see the tour lists of other members, and if you insist on email – there’s a weekly newsletter.   Best of   all it’s free (Pollstar Premium cost $10 a year).

It’s definitely worth checking out.

What is this? 2000 again?

So let me get this straight: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Nevada, but Barack Obama won the most delegates? Overall not a horrible day for Obama. I continue to be amazed by the fact that people buy the Clinton campaign’s strategy. The only thing she’s selling is her experience over Obama. I guess based on this we should expect Barbara Bush to be running in 2012?

Any way, get out and vote when it comes your time. And if you haven’t registered, you can do it here at this site by clicking the Rock the Vote banner on the right.