A Rubber Door’s Top albums of 2007

Here’s my top 18 albums from 2007. Why 18? Well I keep listing albums until I feel there are no more that deserve to be mentioned. I’d love to hear your comments – and if you have your own list, put it in the comments section and I’ll keep a running list of best of 2007 around the blogosphere. For the most part links will link you to iTunes (except for Jay-z and Radiohead).


spoon_gagagagaga.jpgSpoon – Ga ga ga ga ga – For some reason this album got middling reviews. For me every time I heard a song from it I couldn’t believe how good it was. Easily the most accessible of their releases.

My Favorites: Don’t Make Me a Target, The Underdog


fooechos.jpgFoo Fighters – Echoes, Patience, Silence, and Patience – I love Foo Fighters but hadn’t liked anything they’d done recently. This album is the best they’ve had since The Color and the Shape.

My Favorites: The Pretender, Home


bird_cover300x300.jpgAndrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha – This album is truly amazing. I’ve described it as a more tuneful Sufjan Stevens album. And it holds together better than a Stevens piece.

My Favorites: Fiery Crash, Darkmatter


radiohead-in_rainbows_front.jpgRadiohead – In Rainbows – This album will be remembered for the unique, name your own price, distribution method. It should be remembered as classic Radiohead.

My Favorites: Bodysnatchers, Falling into Place


peter-bjorn-and-john-writers-block.jpgPeter Bjorn and John – Writer’s Block – I couldn’t get the whistling song (Young Folks) out of my head all summer – which was like torture since I can’t whistle. Get past that and this some kick ass jangle rock.

My Favorites: Objects of My Affection, Young Folks


newmagnetic.jpgThe Apples in Stereo – New Magnetic Wonder – I waited to get this because it’s a double album and took a lot of my eMusic downloads. Stupid. Some people won’t like it because of it’s experimental takes, but it includes a ton of great songs.

My Favorites: Energy, 7 Stars


theboywithnoname.jpgTravis – The Boy With No Name – Travis hasn’t been the same since 12 Memories but they still kick Coldplay’s whiny ass.

My Favorites: 3 Times and You Lose, Closer


markronson_version.jpgMark Ronson – Version – All I have to say is Ol’ Dirty Bastard redoing Britney Spears’ Toxic. Just one of an album full of great covers – done so differently you forget the original.

My Favorites: Toxic, Oh My God


feistreminder.jpgFeist – The Reminder – Thanks to Apple’s ubiquitous nano ad I bought this album. 1234 is the catchiest song of the year – but the rest of the album holds its own.

My favorites: 1234, I Feel it All


amy_winehouse_back_to_black_island.jpgAmy Winehouse – Back to Black – Listening to this album, you should have been able to see the train wreck coming. That doesn’t make this into a novelty act – Winehouse (and producer Mark Ronson) update the 60’s girl sound – without making it trivial.

My favorites: Back to Black, Love is a Losing game


jag110fullnew.jpgOkkervil River – The Stage Names – This one will surprise you, demanding repeat listen after repeat listen.

My favorites: Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe, John Allyn Smith Sails


a-year-in-the-wilderness.jpgJohn Doe – A Year In the Wilderness – John Doe does what I would want to as a singer/songwriter – work with unique voices such as Kristen Hersh or Kathleen Edwards. His song The Golden State (with Edwards) is one of the best examples of songwriting I’ve heard this year.

My favorites: The Golden State, Unforgiven


alberthammondjr_yrstokeep.jpgAlbert Hammond Jr. – Yours to Keep – Maybe The Strokes should let this guy write because this is better than any of their albums.

My favorites: In Transit, 101


crowdedhouse_timeonearth.jpgCrowded House – Time on Earth – I didn’t expect to like this album as much as I did. It’s been 14 years since their last release and this sounds like an older Crowded House – but I’m an older me, so it works.

My favorites: Silent House, Nobody Wants To


american-ganster-jay.jpgJay-Z – American Gangster – So much better than his last album. This one is fierce and sounds like it has a purpose.

My favorites: Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…..), American Dreamin’


b000jjrxgg01_aa_scmzzzzzzz_.jpgKristin Hersh – Learn to Sing Like a Star – Kristin keeps on cranking them out, and she keeps getting better.

My Favorites: In Shock, Day Glow


xoxox_cover.jpgTrances Arc – XOXOX – I have a sneaking suspicion this album will keep rising and rising the more I listen to it. I didn’t get it until recently and it’s already made an impression as one of the best pop rock releases this year.

My favorites: Peace of Mind, New Style


salvationblues.jpgMark Olson – The Salvation Blues – The former Jayhawks lead singer sounds like he hasn’t skipped a beat. This could have followed up Tomorrow the Green Grass. Some might call that nostalgic; I’ll call it timeless.

My favorites: Clifton Bridge, Tears from Above

Here’s an iTunes iMix of My Favorites songs from the albums above


10 thoughts on “A Rubber Door’s Top albums of 2007

  1. I meant to get that Albert Hammond, Jr. album and kept forgetting. I’m surprised at the Travis album. I had given up after their third one. Will have to give them a listen.

  2. I love Travis’ 4th album, 12 Memories. It was written after 9/11 and the unrelated near death of one of the band members. It’s also much more of a political album – which the got away from with the latest release.

  3. I hate to be so damn predictable…but the CD I listened to the most this year was Michael Penn’s “Palms & Runes…” If you figure in the new recordings of old songs, I guess it kinda qualifies for this kind of list. Fav track is probably the new version of “Cupid’s Got a Brand New Gun.” But also found myself mesmerized by the instrumental “Barely A Sound,” which was unexpected, since I’m usually a lyric-oriented kind of girl.

    Most of ’07 is kinda a blur for me at this point (beware the aging process, Spencer, as it is most unkind to one’s grey matter) so I’m afraid I’ve nothing else substantial to add in the way of great ’07 CDs. I think you hit all the high points.

  4. I kind of do the list to help me remember. I actually will go back to say the best of 2004 list and see what I liked back then and see how I feel now. Sometimes it’s surprising. Anyway – I’ve already realized I forgot to put the White Stripes Icky Thump on this list. It would deserve a pretty high spot too – but as you said, the aging process causes you to forget sometimes.

    BTW – I purposely leave off any greatest hits albums and albums not released in the proper year, so that explains Michael’s album not being on the list. I need to do a list of my top finds of 2007. Some good ones in there.

  5. Scarlet – I hear you – her whole shtick is annoying, but I have to say I really enjoy the album. That said – she can’t go on the way she has been, if she does, you won’t have to worry about her being around much longer.

  6. Hi Spencer,

    Yeah you’re right Peter, Bjorn and John was kind of infectious wasn’t it. How’s the list for 2008 looking?

    I have a contender for you anyway….. another Swede infact. Dieter Schöön and his album Lablaza. It’s being given a release this year outside of Sweden which is where Dieter is from. I am totally overwhelmed by it and thought you might enjoy it too.

    Here’s the link to his myspace:


    Let me know what you think & if you want a link to the album.

    All the best, Carl

  7. I’ll have to sit down and put a list together – I’m so organized about my listening, it would be easy, but actually making the choices and ranking them is hard. Maybe I’ll leave that part for the year end list.

  8. Hi Spencer,

    Not wracking your brains too much on the list front I hope!! Just wondering, did you have any joy with the Dieter tunes? We’re aiming to get an October release for Dieter Schöön’s album Lablaza over by your way. Is it an album you’d be interested in reviewing? You know others who might like to review it?

    So far the album’s had good reviews from the scandinavian press (check links at http://www.uncle-elmer.com) but would be good to get more english reviews for it.

    Thanks, Carl

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